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Fw: Pack 140 January Newsletter

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    Can anyone tell me who has this unit? I keep getting these wonderful emails of their progress and such, but this is not my unit. I certainly don t mind, but
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2008
      Can anyone tell me who has this unit? I keep getting these wonderful emails of their progress and such, but this is not my unit. I certainly don't mind, but thought their ADC and UC might like to see it too.
      Karen Mansfield




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      January 2008


      Pack Calendar


      ·          Sunday January 13, 6:30,  Pack Meeting.  **THIS SUNDAY** The Arrow of Light ceremony will be held for 2nd year Weblos.


      ·          Sunday February 10, 5:30, Pack Meeting  **NOTE EARLY TIME **  This will be our annual  Blue and Gold Banquet and the Crossing Over Ceremony for our 2nd year Weblos.   Stay tuned for details.


      ·          Sunday March 16, 4:00 , Pack Meeting **NOTE EARLY TIME **- Our Pinewood Derby. 


      Pack News

      The Arrow of Light

      This Sunday will be the Arrow of Light Ceremony.  The Arrow of Light is the highest rank in Cub Scouts.  It is the only Cub Scout badge that the boys can continue to wear on their Boy Scout uniform.  In order to get the badge, the boys have to earn the Webelo badge and eight activity pins, including Citizenship, Fitness, Readyman and Outdoorsman. They also need to know the Boy Scout Oath and Law and participate in Boy Scout Activities including an overnight campout.


      This year there will be twelve boys from our Pack receiving their Arrow of Light badge.  These boys are:


      1.      Baylor Bradac

      2.      Juan Dimas

      3.      Ben Espinola

      4.      Pete Espinola

      5.      Adam McBournie

      6.      Joe Mellentine

      7.      Kristian Plank

      8.      Joey Robertson

      9.      John Savage

          10. MacKenzie Tynan

          11. Luke Weinmann

          12. Kyle Zeller


      Congratulations to both these boys and Webelos Leader Greg Plank for such an awesome achievement.


      Twenty Pin Achievement


      There are a total of 20 Webelo activity pins which cover the range from aquatics to science, showmanship, art, etc.  To acquire all the pins is quite an achievement and gets your name on the plaque in the Cafeteria.  To date there are only 5 names on that plaque, but that is soon going to change!  So far Joey Robertson and Kristian Plank have achieved that goal.  Joe Mellentine has 19 of the pins as of this writing and several others boys are close as well.  We’ll update you as each of these boys reaches this outstanding goal.


      Popcorn Update

      Pack 140 sold a grand total of $11,632 worth of popcorn this season and earned $4,071 for the Pack.  Our top 10 sellers were:


      Luke Weinmann

      Chase Martin

      Louis Orzolek

      John Savage

      Nicholas Michas

      Max Stern

      Jarod Dreiling

      Joe Mellentine

      Griffin Hamrich

      Kristian Plank


      Kudos to these and all the boys who participated in our only fundraising event.  A big thank you to Diana Weinmann for her superb coordination of this event.



      Many boys have not turned in their pack dues yet.  The cost is $32.10.  Yvette would like to remind you to please turn in your dues- our pack rechartering is approaching.  Pay your Den Leader or bring your money to the pack meeting.

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