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    Crud, scratch that Cyndi, sorry, that is a WB training day for me...sorry... Let me know what else I may be able to do up until then and I would be happy too
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 10, 2007
      Crud, scratch that Cyndi, sorry, that is a WB training day for me...sorry...
      Let me know what else I may be able to do up until then and I would be happy too if I am able
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      Subject: Re: [Commissioners] Fwd: Troop 645 volunteer request


      Plan on me for Sat Cyndi...
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      Subject: [Commissioners] Fwd: Troop 645 volunteer request

       Do we have any commissioners that might be willing to assist with the event? LMK
      Cyndi Fyke
      303 995-0692 cell
      303 470-7772 voice
      303 470-7838 fax
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      Sent: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 8:14 AM
      Subject: Troop 645 volunteer request

      Calling all Scouters
      As everyone is aware Klondoree is coming up in less then a month and the troop needs adult support for logistics, organization and execution of this years Klondoree.
      Kondoree is February 9, 10, and 11.  The Big day is Saturday the 10th when all the events will be taking place.
      What we need:  To make the Klondoree a success we need to staff the many events and support the overall administration of the camp.  To do this we need adult volunteers in the following areas
      • Meal Planning – We need some adults to take on the task of planning easy to prepare meals that can be served quickly to the entire troop.
      • Food Shoppers – If you cannot help with preparation and serving you may be able to help just by acquiring what we need.
      • Food preparation – any food that could be prepared ahead of time and taken up to camp.  This will depend on the meal planning. 
      • Meal Servers – We need volunteers to be there on Saturday to help cook, serve, and cleanup.  If the main preparation can be done ahead of time then we can cook less on site.
      • Awards – We have 10 events that will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ranking and we need a volunteer to come up with ribbons, preferably customized for the 2007 Klondoree.  We will most likely have some other miscellaneous awards that will need ribbons as well.  We are looking for someone to head up the effort of designing and acquiring the ribbons.
      • Score Keepers – Each event will be scored by the scouts and we will need volunteers to keep the running totals through the day so that when the final events are completed we can quickly determine the overall winners.
      • Miscellaneous - We could use all the help we can get just to have backup for logistics or events.
      When do we need you:  The most pressing need is for volunteers who can be there all day on Saturday the 10th of February from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  If you do not want to camp but are willing to stay overnight off site that is perfectly fine.
      How many do we need: Meal planning and serving 15, awards 1 or 2, Scoring 4.  We are looking for an additional 20 or so adults who can attend for the day on Saturday.
      Please reply to mike.cooke@bi. com with your availability and what you would like to help with.  Please do not hesitate to suggest ways in which we can make the meal prep and delivery easier.
      Thank You
      Troop 645 Adult Leadership

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