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Re: [Commissioners] Fw: Great Saddness

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    Attached is the memorial statement from the Colonial Virginia Council. Todd ... From: Karen MANSFIELD To: Commissioners
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 6, 2006
      Attached is the memorial statement from the Colonial
      Virginia Council.


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      Subject: [Commissioners] Fw: Great Saddness
      Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006 12:56:35 -0700

      >I agree strongly Doc. Commissioners, and Council
      >Professionals, is there something we can do to help from
      >our Council or District? I would be more than happy to help
      >Doc with this. Is there a good turn week assignment we as a
      >district/council/WB staff can do? We all know this is
      >tragic and can happen in ANY council/district. I feel for
      >these families and as part of that scouting family, we
      >should try and help in some way. Please let me know your
      >thoughts??? Karen Mansfield
      >PROUD to be a SCOUTER
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      >Sent: Monday, November 06, 2006 10:45 AM
      >Subject: Great Saddness
      >I have pasted an article here and I would like to know if
      >Arapahoe Dist or maybe even DAC can do something to assist
      >these families in their time of Tragic Loss? Please let me
      >know your thoughts and I will do anything I can to support
      >an effort from here in Denver
      >Doc Doolittle
      >Committee Chair, Troop 117
      >Once a Scout, Always a Scout
      >303 677-0508 (W)
      >303 203-0430 (Pager)
      >3 Franklin Boy Scouts, leader killed driving home from camp
      >Virginian-Pilot © November 5, 2006 | Last
      updated 12:07
      >AM Nov. 6
      >SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY Three Boy Scouts and one of their
      >troop leaders died in a fiery wreck Sunday after the sport
      >utility vehicle they were in ran off a road and struck a
      >All of the victims were affiliated with Troop 17 of
      >Franklin and were returning home from a weekend scouting
      >event in Blackstone, a city about 75 miles northwest of
      >Sgt. D.S. Carr, a State Police spokesman, said a fourth
      >Scout, the driver’s son, managed to pull himself from
      >burning vehicle and is hospitalized.
      >This is just such a tragic loss, said Carr, who was at the
      >scene of the crash on the edge of Sebrell, a small
      >community of a few dozen homes in Southampton County.
      >The driver of the 2002 Chevrolet was identified as
      >Assistant Scoutmaster John Oliver, 43, of the 100 block of
      >Rawlsdale Drive in Franklin.
      >Oliver was an 18-year Marine Corps veteran and a survivor
      >of the 1983 bombing
      >of a U.S. military compound in Beirut, Lebanon.
      >It was his son, Michael John Oliver, 12, who escaped.
      >The boy was flown from the crash to Sentara Norfolk General
      >Hospital, where he was being treated for broken bones and
      >other injuries but was listed in good condition Sunday,
      >State Police Sgt. Greg Jackson said.
      >The three boys who died were Luke Drewry, 12, of Franklin;
      >Jackson Fox, 13, of the 24000 block of Orchard Lane in
      >Capron; and Carter Thomas Stephenson, 14, of the 100 block
      >of Park Circle in Franklin. A street address was not
      >available for Drewry.
      >They were outstanding in scouting, said Phillip Bradshaw, a
      >Scout leader in Carrsville who said he knew all of the boys
      >and Oliver.
      >really a sad, sad thing, said Bradshaw, who had just
      >returned from a camping trip to Manassas with his own troop
      >over the weekend.
      >The four Scouts and Oliver were heading home from a
      >Methodist scouting event in Blackstone, said Amanda Wroten,
      >a spokeswoman for the Colonial Virginia Council of the Boy
      >Scouts of America, of which Troop 17 is a member.
      >We are concerned for the families of the Scouts and for the
      >scouting family as a whole, and thats what we are focusing
      >on right now, Wroten said Sunday evening. Scouting is one
      >big family.
      >The council’s executive director, Dick Collins, went
      >Franklin on Sunday afternoon to meet with the troops
      >leadership and some of the families, Wroten said.
      >Were going to try and make grief counseling available for
      >anyone who needs it, Wroten said. And if there is anything
      >else they need, well try to help.
      >News of the deaths swept quickly through Franklin, where a
      >service of support was held at 5 p.m. at Franklin Baptist
      >The whole community of Franklin is devastated by this event
      >, said Susan Powell, a friend of Carter Stephenson’s
      >We knew Carter through the community and through our church
      >, said Powell, whose husband is also involved in scouting.
      >Carter, a Franklin High School freshman, was a wonderful,
      >kind, endearing boy, she said, always eager to help, to be
      >involved. He was a wonderful, fun child. He needed only two
      >more merit badges to earn Scouting’s highest rank,
      >Dora Gurganus, of Southampton County, a friend of the Fox
      >family, was at their home Sunday night. She said it speaks
      >volumes for all of the boys that they were good Scouts,
      >good students and hard workers.
      >This was a horrible accident, a loss to everybody in the
      >community, Gurganus said. Jackson was just living life to
      >the fullest. He was dedicated to his church. A good student
      >, a good boy.
      >Jackson was a student at Southampton Academy. He had one
      >brother. Gurganus said the boys family is one of the most
      >respected farm families in Southampton.
      >Lynn Rothwell said his son-in-law, John Oliver, was a
      >native of Lorraine, Ohio, who, after his marriage to a
      >Franklin woman, came to the city to raise his family and
      >work with children.
      >Even though he was left with a disability after the Beirut
      >explosion more than 20 years ago, Oliver was able to coach
      >baseball and soccer, Rothwell said. He was very involved
      >with scouting.
      >A person who answered the phone at the Drewry home Sunday
      >night said the family preferred to not make a statement.
      >Carr said the single-vehicle wreck occurred at 12:10 p.m.
      >on Va. 35, or Plank Road, near its intersection with Barn
      >Tavern Road in northern Southampton County. The SUV was the
      >second of two vehicles carrying 10 boys home from their
      >weekend outing.
      >The crash remains under investigation.
      >We don’t know why it happened, Carr said. There are a
      >of possibilities.
      >Carr said all the bodies were sent to the State Medical
      >Examiners office in Norfolk to determine the cause of
      >death. In the case of the driver, he said, any
      >possibilities of a medical condition or other contributing
      >factors would be checked.
      >Hopefully, with the son, if he was cognitive of what was
      >going on, he can give us a statement of what he remembers
      >happening prior to the crash, Carr said.
      >The area where the wreck occurred is posted for a speed
      >limit of 55 mph, and Carr said there was no evidence that
      >excessive speed was involved.
      >The SUV had just gone through the first of two curves when
      >it ran off the road, Carr said. The first is posted with a
      >sign alerting drivers to the turn. The second, slighter
      >turn is not posted, he said.
      >There was no evidence of tire marks to indicate that the
      >driver tried to get back onto the pavement once the SUV ran
      >off the left side of the road, Carr said.
      >It pretty much went straight off the curve and right into
      >the tree, Carr said.
      >The other adult in the group, driving the first vehicle,
      >witnessed the wreck. She happened to look into her rear
      >view mirror just at the moment of the crash , Carr said.
      >She said it basically exploded when she saw it.
      … It
      >was very traumatic for her, he said.
      >The woman, whose name was not released, immediately stopped
      >and turned around , Carr said.
      >Several nearby residents scrambled out to help, Carr said.
      >But in just the few moments it took for them to get to the
      >SUV, the eruption of flames made rescue impossible.
      >By the time they got to it, there was nothing they could do
      >, Carr said. They called for help and tended to the sole
      >The boys were among more than 1,200 youths from the Boy
      >Scouts and the Girl Scouts attending a three-day Virginia
      >United Methodist Scouting Fellowship.
      >The annual event, hosted for more than 20 years by the
      >United Methodist Men, is held at the Virginia Methodist
      >Conference Center in Blackstone.
      >The whole scouting community is going to be shocked in the
      >morning, I know, said Dave Wilkinson, an assistant
      >Scoutmaster who has led a Blackstone troop since 1988.
      >Wilkinson said taking Scouts to such events always carries
      >a hefty measure of concern.
      >like my biggest fear, he said, bringing everybody home
      >On the road, he said, you’re 10 times more careful
      >you would be any other time, if not 100.
      >Troop 17 is the oldest and largest in Franklin,
      >headquartered at High Street United Methodist Church.
      >Its part of the Colonial Council, which serves 10,000
      >Scouts in Emporia, Franklin, Hampton, Newport News,
      >Poquoson, Smithfield, Suffolk, and Williamsburg as well as
      >the counties of Brunswick, Gloucester, Greensville, Isle of
      >Wight, James City, Mathews, Surry, Sussex, Southampton, and
      >Staff Writer Jim Washington contributed to this story.
      >Reach Steve Stone at (757) 446-2309 or
      >steve.stone@.... Reach Linda McNatt at (757)
      >446-2309 or linda.mcnatt@... Reach Dave Forster
      >at (757) 222-5563 or dave.forster@....
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