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Fw: Denver Options Trick-or-Treat Street on October 21st @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm.

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    Please pass this on to your units. I appreciate it!!! Karen ... From: Bishop, Randy To: Andrea Mosby
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2006
      Please pass this on to your units. I appreciate it!!!

      Lets get the word out on this service project that will help Denver Options,  I broadcast the following:

      Scouters and Scouts,

      I have been flooded with calls on what time the Denver Options Trick-or-Treat Street event takes place and what are we asking for in a craft or game.

      Well, here is an example:  My wife and I are putting together kits in a baggie for the kids to take home or sit down and do at the Campus.  We are making pumpkins out of egg cartons.  We are doing the painting of the materials, the kids will assemble and glue.  Anyway we have solicited donations from our local shops for materials and they have been very generous so far.  Of course we will have a bowl of candy at our table. ( I think enough for about 200 kids)

      That is one idea, perhaps you have others and can pitch in some time and effort.  I know the Pow Wow is coming up and all, but this is just a few hours of your day.  Let's have a great time with these kids.

      Contact Lori Schult, Outreach Manager, Denver Options @ 303-636-5867 (direct line) and let her know what you need as far as space and such.  I will be there with my Wife making pumpkins, so I hope see you there (wear your costumes).

      About the Event,

      Event Owner:  Denver Options
      Date:  October 21st
      Where:  Clayton Foundation (Campus)
      Location:  3801 Martin Luther King Blvd. (Colorado Blvd. & MLK Blvd.)
      Time:  10 am - 1 pm
      For:   Special Needs Kids and family

      Once again, thank all of you for helping these special youth, 

      Randall A. Bishop
      Electronic Measurement Specialist
      Xcel Energy
      G & E Metering, Asset Management
      System performance
      MDC (303) 628-2745
      Fax (303) 628-2855
      email:Randy.Bishop@... <mailto:Randy.Bishop@...>

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