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RE: [Commissioners] Scout Show Update

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  • Dawson, John
    All: This year s task of determining who got awards was indeed challenging, with so many great booths. As Cyndi s associate judge, I got to listen to stories,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 24, 2006


      This year’s task of determining who got awards was indeed challenging, with so many great booths.

      As Cyndi’s associate judge, I got to listen to stories, tie ropes, get sprayed by water, eat cool stuff, etc.!


      For the fourth year in a row, Pack 75 got the best of show for the Pikes Peak or Bust traveling Western Nat’l Park show complete with running the rapids and a spritz of cool water!  This booth was over the top (OTT)!  And the cubbies really knew their stuff! (coulda won the “most likely to have been done by Cubbies” award as well if there was one)

      What can I say - P75 is a DYNASTY!


      Comments on the winners (by age group):


      Appearance - Pack 564 – shootin’ gallery – way cool backgrounds

      Spirit - Pack 222 – mining – these guys told a great story and helped me pan for gold with “real” gold-colored lead!  Alchemy rules!

      Theme - Pack 147 – Bronco roping – some of us varmits even got branded! – that was the OTT part of it


      Appearance - Troop 835 – Food (outside) – great booth – lots of danglin’ shotgun shells and posters for wanted varmits (fictional, of course)

      great corn bread and stew!

      Spirit - Troop 839 – Shave and Save(?) - Bone marrow awareness – WOW, what a theme, donate to a worthy cause to have yer hair shorn off in an old-fashioned    barber shop… now if I could just have gotten my 16 year old Life Scout to attend…!

      Theme – Troop 324 – Wild West theme – arena – the Scouts knew their stuff and did the work themselves.


      Appearance- Post 99 – Jeffco Sherriff – great info and way cool Dodge Charger (2006)

      Spirit - Post 1574 –RAMPART S&R - what can you say about having bloodhounds at the show…gotta love ‘em!

      Theme - Crew 604 - RAMS (Glen Mills & John Wright) great theme (rifle, archery, muzzle-loading, shotgun)! Good job as usual, and they trained some leaders as well!


      For all the rest, thanks, and see y’all next year!




      John Dawson

      Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner - Arapahoe District

      ASM Troop 117

      "I'm growing old and feeble and I can't Beaver no more..."


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      Sent: Sunday, April 23, 2006 8:19 PM
      Subject: [Commissioners] Scout Show Update


      Congratulations to everyone for such a wonderful Scout Show this last Saturday!!

      I had the pleasure of being part of the judging team again this year, and as always I was impressed with both the spirit and fun that everyone displayed at the 2006 Scout Show!

      Winning booths were:

      Best of Show: Pack 75

      Booth Appearance:
      Pack 564
      Troop 835
      Post 99

      Outstanding Scout Spirit:
      Pack 222
      Troop 839
      Post 1574

      Best Use of Theme:

      Arapahoe was well represented by units>>>Thank you to everyone that participated with a booth and those who attended the show!

      Yours In Scouting:
      Cyndi Fyke
      303 995-0692 cell
      303 470-7772 office
      303 470-7838 fax
      303 683-9694 home

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