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    Mar 1, 2006
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      Hello everyone,
      I just got back from speaking with Cory McKee at the Scout Office and she informed of something that the Troops in Denver are not taking advantage of and wanted me to spread the word!!!!
      Bass Pro Shop in Denver (at the old Stapleton) is VERY pro SCOUTS!!!!
      He has offered to us the opportunity to sell just about anything in front of the store. They also have opportunities that they supply all the equipment and sometimes even the hot dogs, and have a troop out there selling hot dogs and such on the weekends and the Troop keeps the profit!!! This includes, popcorn, scout show tickets, any other fundraising item you may have etc. He WANTS scouts in front of the store, often, to help them with fundraising as well as keep them in the public eye.
      If your troop sells anything unique or wants to take him up on his offer and sell hot dogs or snacks or whatever, give Bob a call.
      The contact is Bob Hix-Bass Pro Shop, Denver
      His cell number is 720-385-3600.
      I realize this is a hike for us, but just so you are aware, apparently a girls softball league went ONE Saturday and made $2000!!!
      Please pass this on Commissioners, I just did!!! Smiley emoticon
      For my units, you are the FIRST to hear of this!!!! (hint hint) Let's start to help you make some money before CAMP this summer!!!!
      Yours In Scouting,
      Karen Mansfield
      Assistant District Commissioner
      Arapahoe District
      Da Bears!!!