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    Jul 13, 2006
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      Hi Guys!!!!
      GUESS WHAT????
      It is that time of year again, however I am not in charge of Pow Wow!!! (WHEW, can't tell you how happy that makes me) LOL I am the Chair for Program so it is my job to get instructors for all the classes. If you or anyone in your units would be a good instructor, would you please forward that info on to me? I would greatly appreciate it. Pow Wow is on Oct 28th, no place determined yet. I am trying to get all the instructors into place before I leave for vacation on the 22nd of July. So your quick response is certainly appreciated. I just started so the board is pretty wide open on the classes available.
      Also, if you would please pass on to your CUB Packs, one thing Eddie B, the Chairman is trying to do this year for atmosphere especially at lunch time is to have Centerpieces made by packs in every district for the tables at lunch. (trying to do a Blue and Gold theme) There will then be some sort of contest for the pack with the best ideas and creativity. They have until the middle of Oct to work on this.
      Thank you so much!!!
      (Assid, would you please contact me as soon as possible??? I would certainly appreciate that...have a question for you) No, it is not to give you grief over that (gag) Eagle thing of yours...LOL I am "paw"ferctly happy with myself....LOL
      Thanks again everyone!!!
      Karen Mansfield
      303-706-9944 home
      303-875-6175 cell