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    F-35s Grounded The F-35 has suffered yet another technical
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2011
      F-35s Grounded

      The F-35 has suffered yet another technical failure, with another air-fleet temporarily grounded

      The U.S. military and Lockheed Martin have grounded their F-35 fleet and launched an internal investigation into the matter, after a test flight at Edwards Air Force Base led to a power failure.

      The Pentagon's F-35 Joint Program Office noted this was a precautionary move, with an unknown date on when the temporary suspension will be lifted.

      F-22s Grounded 

      Pilots lose currency as F-22 grounding drags on

      By Dave Majumdar - Staff writer
      Posted : Thursday Aug 4, 2011 21:52:14 EDT

      Air Force F-22 pilots are losing their training edge as the Raptor fleet enters its fourth month of a grounding.

      The stealthy twin-engine air superiority fighters stood down May 3, after suspected problems with their oxygen systems. Air Force sources link the oxygen systems to a fatal crash last November.

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