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5047Latest Word on F-35 Unit Cost

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  • r1max
    Jan 21, 2014
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       The math for unit cost comes to $172.7 million for each aircraft.
      None of that includes the 2014 R&D bill for the F-35A; that was $816 million; calculate that in if you want; I choose not to.

      The Marine Corps and Navy versions are a little pricier.

      For the Marines B, or STOVL, model, the authorized 2014 buy is six (6) aircraft for $1.267 billion in 2014 procurement, $106 million in 2013 long lead money, and $147 million in 2014 aircraft procurement modifications. That calculates to $252.3 million for each one.

      For the Navy's C, carrier-capable (but not yet), model, we get four (4) aircraft for $1.135 billion, plus $32 million in long lead, plus $31 million in modifications. That means $299.5 million for each one.