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Alex's wave attacks & OT ACW question.

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  • Edward Watts
    -- Edward Watts A quick and dirty method (my known solution at conventions) that I used for my Spanish Civil War game was to tie
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2004
      Edward Watts <wattsbrents@...>

      A quick and dirty method (my known solution at conventions) that I used for
      my Spanish Civil War game was to tie the scamper-off roll directly to the
      number of surviving troops at the end of the turn. I had 20 man units and
      players rolled a D-20, if the roll exceeded the number of troops, they ran
      (hard cases like the Spanish Foreign Legion or the International Brigade
      with its commissars got to subtract 3 from the die roll, conscripts or
      factory workers had to add to their roll. Assuming your native troops are
      equal in ability, you could divide your 200 into 40 man units and roll 2 20
      -sided dice at the end of their turn to see if they fall back. The aversge
      roll will be in the 19, 20 or 21 range so at half strength you're on the
      edge as to whether they'll disappear (which seems reasonable for wargame
      standards where troops take ridiculously high casualties before they become
      ineffective). If you stick with 50 man units you can still roll 2 D-20s and
      they'll have moe staing power if you think they are fierce enough to warrant
      it. If you want uncertainty for the next wave, roll the 2 D-20 again to see
      how many group up on the start line for the next assault, native player
      must now decide to go in piecemeal with what's available or wait another
      turn to see if more troops appear (of course you can never exceed the
      starting strength of a unit). The only thing you must decide in advance is
      how many turns or how many times or how many #s of troops recycled you will
      allow before you cease recycling. You may allow for a voluntary withdrawal
      of an attacking force subject to the roll for # of troops reappearing to
      insure that the native player is not assured a full unit every time he
      returns to the assault (or you may allow a full unit if you feel this would
      be necessary for resolution of the game in time allowed on the table in a
      convention setting. OT ACW: Does anyone know how well
      Mark Fenlon Miniatures would fit in with 25/28mm Foundry/Dixon/Sash and
      Saber Civil War figures (I have all these in my armies and they work for me
      when I do Brother Against Brother, which will work for small skirmishes
      colonially but I recommend The Sword in Africa component of The Sword and
      the Flame for small units as it already incorporates the hidden units which
      fel would be necessary for the Northwest Frontier).
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