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49368Re: [ColonialWars] Saving Throws. Origins.

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  • Ross W. Maker
    Aug 25, 2002
      dylanalliata wrote:
      > I can't believe that Donald Featherstone campaigned against saving
      > throws since from what I can tell he is the first published source
      > for saving throws. In War Games, 1962, Featherstone gives what I the
      > first description of a saving throw. He uses it, in his Ancient,
      > Horse and Musket, and Modern rules. The goal was very simple: reduce
      > the rate of attrition.

      I was just reporting what I remember. And DF hasn't always been too
      consistent about things, especially use of rules mechanisms, either.

      > An earlier work by Joe Morschauer did not use
      > a saving throw system. Instead Joe Morschauer invented the roster
      > system to keep units from disappearing from the table.

      Morschauser's book is also from 1962.

      > Well's did not have a saving throw

      Given how hard it is to hit even a 54 with a spring loaded cannon, not

      > Featherstone, in Skirmish Gaming published in 1970, used saving throws again,
      > although this book used percentile dice.

      Like I said, Don wasn't above using it, he just argued against it in
      Wargamers Newsletter. I also remember him, in successive issues,
      arguing for and against varible length bounds. He also, IIRC,
      flip-flopped from time to time on the value of fantasy wargaming.

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