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Re: Afghan flags ? Yes. This was discussed on this Group not that long ago, specifically regarding the Afghan regular army. Here's a LINK to that discussion:
Apr 15
Afghan flags ? Hello, did the Afghan army use any flags or standards in battle ? John.
Apr 15
Re: Tamai photos Very cool ! Grimsby is my home town and the Grimsby Wargaming Society is how I got into this stuff back in the 80's. Fond memories indeed ! Rupert
Rupert Cullum
Apr 15
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Tamai photos From the tropical desert of, uh, Grimsby --- BATTLE OF TAMAI 1884 H BATTLE OF TAMAI 1884 Battle of Tamai 13th March 1884 Gamed in 15mm British: 3,342 infantry,
Howard Whitehouse
Apr 15
Re: Photos and scenario file posted of the Battle of Elandslaate, Bo If you click on the file "Boer War Scenarios" you see three maps: Battle of Belmont, Battle of Elandslaate, Battle of Talana Hill. Click on a map and you see
Luc Burlage
Apr 15
Re: Photos and scenario file posted of the Battle of Elandslaate, Bo You could always try using 'Oracle Open Office' which, in my experience will open any text document.  Download it (it was a free download when I got it a year
James Squib
Apr 15
Re: Photos and scenario file posted of the Battle of Elandslaate, Bo In the Files Section, there is a file entitled Boer War Scenarios 1899-1902 that you posted. I am very interested in this, but unfortunately the files with W
Apr 14
Re: Did I forward this out yet? Very nice!  Thanks for the link Squibzy On Thursday, 10 April 2014, 1:50, Terry Sofian wrote:   ... Very nice! Thanks for the link Squibzy
James Squib
Apr 11
Did I forward this out yet? Some nice looking castings http://theminiaturespage.com/news/1635988299/
Terry Sofian
Apr 9
Re: Hinges Doll house miniatures are for the most part 1" to the foot scale. You may find a few at 1/2" to the foot scale. They are good quality but possibly large for
Anthony Agatucci
Apr 9
Re: Foreign Legion game album Thank you for your kind comments. In that particular album the Legionaries in and Tuaregs attacking the fort are mostly Redoubt figures. Most of the French and
Apr 9
Re: Foreign Legion game album Now that I looked a little closer some of the figures like the Zouaves are Asarki. I have Zouaves from Foundry and OG too. David
Apr 9
Re: Hinges I am indeed a member of the group. I'm the Moderator. Doors Doors Doors: http://www.combatzonechronicles.net/cozo8/door.htm Turret Hatch:
Tim Peterson
Apr 9
Re: Can anyone find an ecopy of this? Hi Terry, Is this what you mean ? http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=uc1.$b71821;view=1up;seq=1 (only to read) and
Luc Burlage
Apr 8
Can anyone find an ecopy of this? http://www.fortress-books.com/uk/fortress-books-detail.asp?menu=&sr=1&id=3964808&page=
Terry Sofian
Apr 8
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Re: New Album!-Italian Colonial photos and plates Yes, I know you have some so I was a little surprised by the omission. ;-) The Ethiopians are very suitable for Adowa, and the Italian askaris can be pained in
Al Maurer
Apr 7
Re: New Album!-Italian Colonial photos and plates Sorry Al,I did not mean to dismiss your excellent figures of which I own many and are great,I was just trying to keep within the timeframe dictated by this
Apr 7
Re: New Album!-Italian Colonial photos and plates Askari Miniatures also make Italian Colonials, from a slightly later period than some of the others. We have Ethiopians that are "timeless." ... -- Alfred C.
Al Maurer
Apr 7
New Album!-Italian Colonial photos and plates Added new album for Italian Colonials. Bicorne ,Castaway Arts and whoever tookover Stratteggia and Tacticca make wonderful Italians in 28mm. Old Glory and I
Apr 7
Foreign Legion game album Great looking game and photos,are those askari figures,they look great.
Apr 7
Re: Hinges Yikes, just sent exact same suggestion, sorry I missed your email, Dave! You beat me to the punch, with good advice! -Ethan Sent from my iPhone
Ethan Reiff
Apr 3
Re: Hinges I suggest a visit to the hobby and/or craft store and check the Dollhouse section. They usually have a few sets of tiny metal hinges. -Ethan Sent from my
Ethan Reiff
Apr 3
Re: Hinges You might look at the "doll house " section of the craft store. They may have the hinges you are looking for an possibly somewhat fancier then plan old ones.
Apr 3
Fwd: Project Update #11: The Valor Project: World War II Stories fro Sent from my iPhone ... Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: From: Kickstarter < no-reply@... > Date: April 3, 2014, 12:31:32 PM CDT To:
Apr 3
Re: Hinges Gizby makes hinges out of bent wire. It's really intended for doors in scratchbuilt buildings. You might be able to scale them down. I think he's a member
Ken Hafer
Apr 3
Hinges Does anyone have some advice on creating "hinges" that will allow doors and hatches to open on vehicles in 28mm scale? I'm considering a small piece of vinyl
Apr 3
Re: Theme for Colonial Barracks IV I've heard their claim was upheld, as it had not been trademarked or renewed. It was also the name of a game made by an author in Connecticut, and again rights
Apr 3
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Re: Chinese Artillery I painted mine Red as the Chinese seem to paint everything red if they want it to be lucky, although my Krupps are Blue/grey, but red just looks right with
myron shipp
Apr 3
Re: Theme for Colonial Barracks IV I seem to remember reading they lost a space marine lawsuit as Heinlein had used it some 20 years before GW.
John H
Apr 2
Re: Theme for Colonial Barracks IV GW have been having some trouble with their attempts to 'copyright' the English language it seems, specially in the areas of prior usage, with a result that
Apr 2
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