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  • William Roth
    Hi Friends, There is a new auction site in town!!!! Sellers can list FREE for the next 6 months!!! After which selling will REMAIN free with the exception of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2004
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      Hi Friends,
          There is a new auction site in town!!!! Sellers can list FREE for the next 6 months!!! After which selling will REMAIN free with the exception of special services and VERY LOW final value fees. Please stop by and sign up. Many items already listed from several sellers and more already coming. Get in on the ground floor. Special starting sales going on now. See it at www.Bid-it.com here is a general breakdown of how it works:
       About Bid-It.com© 
            Welcome to BID-it.com ©! We want to thank you for stopping by. We hope to be the new choice in your Online Auction ventures. 

            We thought long and hard before our decision to develop an alternate auction site began.
            BID-it.com © started development over one year ago and has been through many changes during this time. With the experiences of many online auctions and much trial and error, we have designed a place to bring the fun back to both buyers and sellers using an online auction.

            Please take the time to look at the site we have designed for you. We hope you can see we have been in your shoes as both buyers and sellers using a web auction. We know what its like to sell items, accrue big charges and when the purchasers never follow through, somehow those charges never go away, (not at Bi-it.com ©) or even worse, to purchase and pay for an item and never receive the item.

            That's why we developed this site.

             We are also aware that without your help, we cannot be successful. That is why we promise for those of you that help us, we will always strive to be a free and "fun place" where you can go to buy and sell items at a very reasonable rates.

            Try using our auction, fixed price, or store formats designed to be similar to eBay' s, only improved and without all the restrictions. We ask you to just try us! And remember, it will take us a little time but we will soon be as busy and hopefully successful as our competition.

            Again, Thank you and please email all your friends, contacts and tell them about this site! We want your business to be successful too...

            Bid-It.com © Staff

                                                                                      Please read on!       


            We believe that freedom to buy and sell should not be controlled by anyone!

            We encourage our users to promote their web site in their auction listings! If we can be of help in your success, we are certain you can help us in ours! We don't want to control your business or dictate what you can or cannot do, that would just drive you away. Please feel free to use our site in promoting your web site and products.  All we ask is that you display a Bid-It.com © banner and link on your website. 



            We believe the current leaders of online auctions have become both too expensive and restrictive for their users. That's why we have developed Bid-It.com © to be your free listing auction site. List as many items as you like, as often or as long as you like and pay nothing until you sell! (basic free listing) This will be a huge savings to people like us that list thousands of dollars of items per month. We will always strive to keep user pay options fees very minimal and remember there will never be any basic listing fees added here.


            We know what a terrible experience it is to buy something from a seller and then not receive the item. Bid-com© makes sure that the seller has a valid credit card on file. Every month we verify the credit card holders name and address, and then when the seller's automated bill goes to the buyer it has the correct information. This cuts down on fraudulent sellers and will help promote Bid-it.com © as a safe online auction experience.

            SUPER SIMPLE

            Keeping Bid-It.com © simple has been our goal since day one. Check out all the features that make us different!

            LET'S BE PARTNERS!

            We know it takes time and effort to list items on a site! We know we are asking a lot of people just like you to give up your valuable time. But we also know you are tired of the exorbitant fees, controls and complications from the other online auction. We know that it is time for us to compete with ebay, Yahoo and others. We want to listen to your concerns and try and help not just send a canned message.

            We personally have 6 years experience selling online; we have paid thousands of dollars per month to ebay. We think power sellers deserve more respect and credit for making ebay what they are today. We have watched eBay' s fees skyrocket. We were there when ebay was young, we know it was through word of mouth, friends told friends, collectors told other collectors, and soon everyone wanted a piece of the pie. We know that it is buyers and sellers just like you that made ebay the success it is today! With support from you and people just like you, Bid-It.com © can work!

            Use our site; together we can make it work! Hundreds of hours in design and planning have gone into creating this site. We created it for everyone. We believe in what we have built. Please help us to achieve our goal.

            We know without you we will succeed, but with you we can all achieve success!

             We wish you all the best.

              Bid-It.com © Staff

      Bill (cricket_44 on e-bay)
      Our web site: http://www.timelesshistory.com
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