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Re: Mary Ann Lovell

Sue, I believe it was [osted by a Tim Bear and I have talked to him before and found several incorrect items on the Coffman family I am sorry to say. ... On
Jerry Coffman
Oct 1

Mary Ann Lovell

Well, the DAR certainly accepts Mary Ann Lovell as David's wife, as I have had him proven as an ancestor with Mary Ann as his wife for many years, as well as
Oct 1

Re: David Harmon Coffman Sr

i will research this tonight , My computor  at home died of old age, I get my Emails at work.   It is almost impossible to contact people on this site, I
virginia thomas
Sep 30

David Harmon Coffman Sr

Someone is saying that David's wife was Elizabeth Ann Hurley but it seems everyone else has Elizabeth Mary Ann Lovell 1750-1800 as his wife. Does this person
Sep 30
May 31, 2014

Re: Jesse Caroll Coffman , Son Of Jesse Jackson Coffman

this is what I found on a J.C.Coffman   not sure if it is your Jesse Carroll Coffman.   He is related to my David Harmon Coffman sr.     U.S. returns
Sandra Norwood
May 28, 2014

Re: Jesse Caroll Coffman , Son Of Jesse Jackson Coffman

Sorry Miss.Robin, my Coffman Family is from Lancaster Pa. to Hopkins County Kentucky. . ________________________________ From: "threerobin@...
virginia thomas
May 27, 2014

Jesse Caroll Coffman , Son Of Jesse Jackson Coffman

Jesse Carroll Coffman was the son of Jesse Jackson Coffman. Jesse C was brother to my Elijah Coffman. Can any one tell me if Jesse Carroll Coffman served in
May 23, 2014

(no subject)

Melinda Coffman
Nov 16, 2012

Re: David H. Coffman relationship

Only the male line can be tested for the Y DNA, as the female does not carry a Y gene.    However, if you get a result that shows the person is not one of
joyce moore
Aug 5, 2012

Re: David H. Coffman relationship

Hello: You need male descendants who are surname descendants, right? In other words, only male Coffmans, not males who are descended from David H. Coffman
Vicki Meagher
Aug 5, 2012

David H. Coffman relationship

Earlier this year a descendant of David H. Coffman tested at FamilyTreeDNA.com His results show that he is NOT a member of either one of the major
Aug 5, 2012

Re: Who is his father??

Sandra;  I went through all my info on the Coffmans in Hopkins Co Kentucky;  this is what I found  Abraham Coffman, BD 6/01/17630Wifes nane Anna;  Children
virginia thomas
Jun 18, 2012

Re: Who is his father??

Sandra;   I have a William C Coffman born to Isaac and Mary Harbour Coffman;  BD 6/29/1829 and Died 2/26/1860 in Hopkins County Ky.  Is this your William?
virginia thomas
Jun 15, 2012

Re: Who is his father??

been trying to look up on your Jacob W Coffman born August 1831 for real proof but nothing as of yet..  for those who have his father as Andrew they don't
Sandra Norwood
Jun 14, 2012
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