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Fw: Book Of (Happy) Memories

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  • Dirk Ruster
    Hi all, I m forwarding the e-mail that I got a few days ago because I know a lot of you are interested in it too. Dirk PS: I´m planning to visit this tribute
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2001
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      Hi all,

      I'm forwarding the e-mail that I got a few days ago because I know a lot of
      you are interested in it too.


      PS: I´m planning to visit this tribute show, so is there anyone else
      (from germany) who will drive with me? That would be great!

      >Haarlem, January 18th, 2001,
      >Hello all!
      >It took a long time to finish the Book Of (Happy) Memories, (A book
      >where people who were close to Adrian can tell their story about
      >him.) but now here it is. The reason why it took so long, is because
      >translation went wrong in the first place (there will be a Dutch
      >edition as well as an English one). Also I had my debut as a
      >novellist in the end of last year, and working on two books at the
      >time needed a lot of my attention. Last but not least I wanted the
      >Book Of (Happy) Memories to really look beautiful, so several ideas
      >passed until I was content with the way it looks. Anyway, the book is
      >ready now and really looks great. I am also very happy with its
      >contents. Several aspects of Adrian's character turn up while
      >reading. There are 31 memories in it, half the amount is from abroad.
      >Tribute ` The Sound of Adrian Borland'
      >As you might know, there will be a tribute in Haarlem (at the
      >venue `Het Patronaat'), on thursday February 15th. It is
      >called `The
      >Sound Of Adrian Borland'. It is not quite certain which artists
      >perform, but several musicians will join the tribute and they all
      >will play songs written by Adrian. During the tribute there will be a
      >video presentation and a dj plays rare material. Besides the book a
      >cd will be presented on which several artists play Adrian covers. The
      >cd is made by the American PJ Hakimi (Pathos Music, Portland (Or.).
      >About the book
      >>From February 15th the book is for sale with me, and also at the
      >tribute (not in any store).
      >If you want to order the book, you must go to your local bank and
      >have them send fl.30,00 (this is the book plus p&p) to bankaccount 38
      >94 72 360, Rabobank Haarlem, The Netherlands, to Willemien Spook,
      >Haarlem. Don't forget to mention your name and full address. (If
      >order from The Netherlands or Belgium I will send you a Dutch copy,
      >if you order from any other country I'll send you the English
      >Papers and Musicmagazines
      >In Holland a lot af newspapers and musicmagazines will give attention
      >to the tribute. I am still working on the English ones, but that is a
      >lot more difficult. (does anybody have an e-mailaddress from
      >Melodymaker or Musicmaker for me???)
      >The Dutch radioshow ` Het Lek' (VPRO-radio, every wednesday
      >22-1 uur Dutch time) will give attention to it on February 7th. Not
      >only via radio, but also via the internet on: www.3voor12.vpro.nl
      >There will be a conversation about Adrian, the book and The Sound,
      >and an artist will play two Adrian-songs.
      >About the Tribute (with reservations)
      >Name: ` The Sound of Adrian Borland'
      >Where: Het Patronaat, Zijlsingel 2, Haarlem,
      >Phone: (from England) 031-23-5324103
      > Phone: (from USA) 01131-23-5324103
      >When: Thursday evening Februari 15th, 2001
      >What time: 20.30-01.00 h.
      >Price: f25,-
      >We hope with:
      >- Mark Burgess (singer The Chameleons and friend of Adrian).
      >We are sure about:
      >- Carlo van Putten and Jojo (from The Convent, a German band. Carlo
      >also was a friend of Adrian, they made two cd's together by the
      >of The White Rose Transmission. The second cd was to be released
      >shortly after Adrian ended his life).
      >-Victor Heeremans and Thijs Vermeulen (Sjako!) form a band, don't
      >know yet exactly with whom. ( Both played on Adrian's album
      >Heaven" and supported Adrian on the "Alexandria" and
      >"Britle Heaven"
      >- Wouter van der Spek (singer ex-Drift, now Bacon).
      >- Joke van Gemerde (singer and friend of Adrian).
      >- Rick Treffers.
      >- And others.
      >- A few people read their contributions.
      >Within a few weeks the final program of the tribute will be published
      >on www.patronaat.nl
      >Hope to meet you in The Patronaat!
      >(Bob Borland, Adrian's father, will attend the tribute).
      >Many regards,
      >Willemien Spook
      >Kleverparkweg 52
      >2023 CG Haarlem
      >e-mail: spookie@...
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