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Re: Looking for Climbing Partners Awesome! I'm flying in on the 6th and back out on the 26th so the 16th onwards would be good. Even I've been out to Ruidoso a few times I haven't done any
May 10, 2010
Re: Looking for Climbing Partners I'd be game. I have the 2nd - 6th, and the 16th - 20th off in June. Let me know if that works for you! Cheers-
May 8, 2010
Re: Looking for Climbing Partners Hey! I don't know the area well for climbing but I'm coming over to Ruidoso in June from the UK to visit some mates. If you fancy hooking up for a few climbs
May 1, 2010
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Looking for Climbing Partners Hey all, I am working in the Carlsbad area for the summer and am looking for climbing partners for Sitting Bull Falls and Last Chance Canyon. I usually have
Apr 15, 2010
New to ClimbNM, not new to climbing... Hi All! My name is Stephanie and I have lived in NM for almost two years now (where has the time gone!) I started climbing when I was nine years old and I
Aug 29, 2009
Re: Stone Age Rock Gym! Hi!. I have been rock climbing for about 10 years. The only problem is I have not climbed in about 1 year. I have been way too busy with work and stuff. I also
Aug 28, 2009
Planting peace Howdy y'all, my name is Gabe. I'm in the first stages of planing a benefit event for the environmental/humanitarian non-profit Planting
Jun 27, 2009
Stone Age Rock Gym! Hello all! I am new to rock climbing and need people to climb with at Stone Age. I am a member and am ATC trained... am not great but eager to learn. I am
May 30, 2009
Re: Coming to visit Thank you all for the info. The family and I climbed Socorro and just loved it. We met up with a local and we climbed til we ran out of light! Sent via
Mar 19, 2009
Re: Coming to visit ... BTW *lots* more bouldering and routes to the South on the same road: http://infohost.nmt.edu/~bob/boulder_guide/socorro_boulder_guide.html
Socorro Bouldering
Mar 19, 2009
Re: Coming to visit Hey Steve, You didn't mention what kind of climbing you're looking for some I' ll try to touch as many areas in a quick reply. U-Mound (bouldering ONLY) is
Feb 20, 2009
Re: Coming to visit --U-mound up on copper and tramway is a great place but if your not used to the bullet proof granite then big block of the ranger station on south-14 ...
Feb 20, 2009
Coming to visit Hello, We are planning to visit the area next week. After looking at the weather forecast (mid 60's), I was thinking of climbing outside! I would like to get
Feb 19, 2009
Looking for an Ice Climbing partner I am looking for some people here in Albuquerque who like to climb ice. I go to Colorado every weekend and am always looking for other people who want to head
Dec 3, 2007
Re: looking for a bouldering partner Awesome, thank you! -- In ClimbNM@yahoogroups.com, Socorro Bouldering ... numbers and stuff. That is a ...
Siriji Lamenzo
Nov 14, 2007
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Re: looking for a bouldering partner I will send you an email from bob at nmt dot edu with phone numbers and stuff. That is a better email address for me to use. -Bob. ... From: Siriji Lamenzo
Socorro Bouldering
Nov 14, 2007
Re: looking for a bouldering partner great, what's the best way to contact you once I'm in the area? ... who'd ... anywhere ...
Siriji Lamenzo
Nov 14, 2007
Re: looking for a bouldering partner Sure, I live in Socorro and will be around for most of that time. ... From: Siriji Lamenzo To: ClimbNM@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday,
Socorro Bouldering
Nov 14, 2007
partner needed in december Hello, I will be in NM from CA in early December and am hoping to do some bouldering. anyone up for day trips anywhere in or around Albuquerque, let me know.
Siriji Lamenzo
Nov 12, 2007
looking for a bouldering partner I will be in NM from dec. 1st until dec.12th. my big plans for Hueco fell through, so I am in need of someone who'd like to do some bouldering with me while
Siriji Lamenzo
Nov 12, 2007
Re: Info please Web site seems to be back up now...maybe just a hosting issue? Thanks at least for the tip about that group. ...
Sep 11, 2007
Info please Our organized brethren in the south, especially around the Organ Mountain Range/Pena Blanca, have seemed to diminish from the crags. It seems that the website
Will Y.
Sep 7, 2007
Poll results for ClimbNM The following ClimbNM poll is now closed. Here are the final results: POLL QUESTION: Assuming the ground is level and flat, where do you draw the line between
Jul 28, 2007
New file uploaded to ClimbNM Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the ClimbNM group. File : /Rope System
Jul 28, 2007
New moderator Hi, all. I just wanted to let everyone know that starting today I will be taking over the reins from Justin as moderator of this group. He has moved out of
Jul 22, 2007
Re: Visiting You must stop in Flagstaff and go to Priest Draw. Another good stop is Monster Island for bouldering and the Enchanted Tower for sport climbing, there is good
Socorro Bouldering
Jul 21, 2007
Visiting Hi, I'm flying to the USA in August from the UK. I'll be doing a bit of a road trip from Las Vegas (nv) to Ruidoso where I'll be staying with some friends. Can
Jul 16, 2007
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ClimbNM Group Administration Hi all, I'm your very silent group administrator. I haven't actually lived in NM for over a year now so I'm wondering if someone more connected to the NM
Justin Baca
Jun 7, 2007
Re: looking for partner Hello Heather, ... From: ~h cool thanks!!! No prob, emails will come from bob@..., prolly do a night mission Friday. Directions on
Socorro Bouldering
Jun 6, 2007
Re: looking for partner Hello Heather, I can temporarily add you to the notify list for Socorro night missions. It's getting too hot and buggy to climb at Box during the day, so we
Socorro Bouldering
Jun 5, 2007
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