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SSI Notice: CCSP Synthesis and Assessments Draft Guidelines

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    ... From: SSI Mailbox SSI Notice: CCSP Synthesis and Assessments Draft Guidelines ***************SSI NOTICE*************** The US Climate
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2004
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      SSI Notice: CCSP Synthesis and Assessments Draft Guidelines

      ***************SSI NOTICE***************
      The US Climate Change Science Program (CCSP) is now
      accepting comments on the draft guidelines for the synthesis
      and assessment products being prepared in accordance with
      the CCSP Strategic Plan. The comment period is open until
      May 7, 2004.

      As you may remember, SSI has been actively following the
      creation and review of the CCSP Strategic Plan. The final
      Strategic Plan was released in July 2003 and a subsequent
      review of the plan by the National Research Council (NRC) of
      the National Academy of Sciences was released in February
      2004. The current comment period is on the draft guidelines
      for the synthesis and assessment products that were
      described in the Strategic Plan. [Links to these documents
      are below.]

      According to the announcement of the comment period by the
      CCSP, the synthesis and assessment products are "intended
      to provide useful information for a variety of end users about
      key climate change topics. The products include reports,
      data sets, and evaluations of the uses and limits of climate
      information in decision support." [A detailed description of
      the products is contained in Chapter 2 of the CCSP Strategic
      Plan.] Scientists' comments are needed to help ensure report
      production processes that are orderly and transparent and
      afford meaningful opportunity for public involvement.

      ** We encourage scientists who have been following the
      development of this plan, especially those involved in past
      or current synthesis and assessment products such as the
      National Assessment of Climate Change and the IPCC's
      assessment reports, to submit comments to the CCSP on their
      draft guidelines for the synthesis and assessment products.
      UCS makes a few suggestions, based on comments from
      the NRC review of the research plan, about key aspects of
      the draft guidelines upon which you may wish to concentrate.
      These suggestions, along with instructions on how to submit
      comments, are below.

      ** Issues for Possible Comment
      * re: maintaining scientific integrity of the program.
      Scientists must feel confident that their participation in
      these assessment processes and the resulting products will
      be free from political interference.

      * re: assessment "fatigue." The CCSP's ambitious research
      plan overlaps considerably with the IPCC Fourth Assessment
      Report process. The US scientific community must be able to
      reasonably contribute to both efforts.

      * re: products trumping process. Assessments should ideally
      be reasonably balanced on both results and process, such as
      engaging stakeholders through a variety of interactive
      approaches and ensuring that decision support needs are
      identified and met.

      ** How To Submit Comments
      The comment period is open through May 7, 2004. Comments
      can be submitted electronically to

      The CCSP instructions for formatting comments are available
      online at
      < http://www.climatescience.gov/Library/sap/sap-reviewinstructions.htm >

      If you have questions regarding the draft guidelines review
      process, please contact Sandy MacCracken of the CCSP at 1-
      202-419-3483 (voice).

      Please let UCS know you if submit comments. You can do this
      by emailing Jason Mathers at ssi@....

      **Information About the Draft Guidelines
      Draft guidelines for the synthesis and assessment products:
      < http://www.climatescience.gov/Library/sap/sap-guidelines-29mar2004.pdf

      CCSP Announcement of Comment Period

      Chapter 2 of CCSP Strategic Plan (lists the synthesis and
      assessment products)
      03-chap2.htm >

      **Information on the CCSP Strategic Plan
      Strategic Plan for the U.S. Climate Change Science Program
      < http://www.climatescience.gov/Library/stratplan2003/final/default.htm >

      NRC Review of final CCSP Strategic Plan
      < http://books.nap.edu/catalog/10635.html >

      SSI Background materials on the CCSP Strategic Plan
      < http://www.ucsusa.org/ssi/climate_change/page.cfm?pageID=1228 >
      (When prompted for username and password, enter username -
      "ssi"; password = "aristotle" - all in lower-case.)

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