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GSA Special Session - Interhemispheric Climate Change

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    ... Date : Sat, 1 May 2004 09:35:48 -0400 GSA SPECIAL SESSION - INTERHEMISPHERIC CLIMATE CHANGE John Andrews, Geoff Seltzer and I are convening a theme session
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      Date : Sat, 1 May 2004 09:35:48 -0400

      John Andrews, Geoff Seltzer and I are convening a theme session for the
      upcoming GSA annual meeting in Denver (Nov. 7-10, 2004). The theme session (T96) is entitled Records of Late Quaternary Climatic Change from the Americas: Interhemispheric Synchroneity or Not?

      We seek papers (in oral and poster format) that review high-resolution
      physical, chemical, and biological archives of climate change during the past ~30,000 years from the Americas, and also including Antartica and Greenland. Our focus is mainly on terrestrial evidence, but we also welcome near-shore marine records that directly record terrestrial events.

      Rationale for the session.
      Understanding the interregional and interhemispheric timing and
      magnitude of late Quaternary climatic change is critical for identification of the underlying driving mechanism(s) of global climatic variability. Several recent publications have highlighted disagreements in the scientific community over interregional leads and lags in the climatic system. In some regions of the globe, deciphering the relative roles of temperature and moisture balance are still problematic, and differences in the magnitude of climatic change as
      recorded in terrestrial and marine proxies have been difficult to resolve. In general, geochemical archives (e.g., stable isotopes) have provided the most quantitative records of past climatic conditions, but physical and biological records provide important constraints in climatic reconstructions and timing.

      For this GSA theme session, we would like to assemble a transect of paleoclimatic archives (in oral and poster format) that extend from Antarctica through the Americas and into Greenland. This would provide a broad perspective based on the most current data sets from these regions. We anticipate that this session will provide insight into interregional and interhemispheric climatic change, and will help to identify regions and/or methodologies that warrant special attention for future work. This theme session is likely to engender lively discussion, and we anticipate that it will attract both a large audience and, through our list of national and international invitees, the attendance of some scientists who do not normally attend GSA meetings.

      Please forward this message on to any/all interested colleagues and
      students. We hope to see you in Denver!

      Donald T. Rodbell
      Professor, Geology Department
      Director of the Environmental Studies Program
      Union College
      Schenectady, NY

      518-388-6417 (FAX)

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