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Tanana River Ice Breakup at Nenana, Alaska (1917-2004) - [ Was Re: Warning from Fraser Cain ...

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  • P. Neuman self only
    Was: Re: Warning from Fraser Cain... do it again and you re banned [[ I m no climate scientist, but I can keep up with the [[ sciencediscussions as well. This
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      Was: Re: Warning from Fraser Cain... do it again and you're banned

      [[ I'm no climate scientist, but I can keep up with the
      [[ sciencediscussions as well. This is not about
      [[ intellictual snobbery. Pat and Mike ...
      [[ The problem is these guys to claim to be climate
      [[ scientists when it is clear they are not. ...
      [[ That is wrong.
      [[ Jim

      [ William M. Klassen]
      [ Every time they were wrong?

      No, Mike and me were not wrong every time, hardly! Jim is being
      dishonest. Jim failed to give sufficient evidence on any of those claims
      he's made about us. He is merely trying to discredit us, as did the
      Adminsitration in their attempts to discredit Clarck ... by attacking his

      I am a hydrologist, with extensive background in an important branch of
      climate science. Jim makes it appear that expertise in astronomy and
      physics are required for all scientists that research and report on
      climate change. That is false.

      However it is not unusal to do what he's doing. Many meteorologists,
      biologists, geologists, etc.... scientists that specialize in a
      particular discipline think that knowledge in their discipline is more
      important than the others involved in climate science. Meterologists and
      atmospheric scientists in particular believe that other branches of
      science are not nearly as important as their's in understanding climate
      change. They fail to understand that climate includes much more than
      understanding recent weather and atmospheric processes. Climate
      includes, in very large parts, hydrology, paleontology, biology,
      physical geography, geology, chemistry, oceanagraphy, atmospheric
      science, and many other fields of study. See my ....
      Hydrologist's recommended links:

      [ This should probably be my last comment since I perceive
      [ the tendency by most on the list to just reiterate their former
      [ statements ad nauseum without pause. Let us continue
      [ to disagree and when new evidence arises we can then
      [ test it against our various models.
      [ Bill Klassen

      I made a post yesterday about a graph that I made and put on
      ClimateArchive Links, called:

      Tanana River Ice Breakup at Nenana, Alaska (1917-2004). I would like
      others on P&C and ClimateArchive to comment on my graph - which shows 10
      year moving averages for the breakup dates since 1917.

      Pat N

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