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Arctic Climate Impact Assessment by Robert W. Corell

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  • P. Neuman self only
    Posted to C/A per request. ... From: Tim Jones To: Paleontology_and_Climate@yahoogroups.com Cc: ClimateArchive@yahoogroups.com Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 16:27:56
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2004
      Posted to C/A per request.

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      From: Tim Jones
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      Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 16:27:56 -0500
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      Hi Pat,

      Yes please do. Would you please post the Corell document?


      This is a reply I got (and mine) from a fellow responding to my post on
      Arctic Climate Impact Assessment - Statement to US Senate Committee
      by Robert W. Corell to the energyresources@yahoogroups.com list.

      Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 15:48:04 -0600
      From: "Gerald T. Agnew" <gaea@...>
      Subject: [energyresources] Arctic Climate Impact Assessment

      Thank you Tim for this. I live in High Level, Alberta, Canada which
      is at 58 1/2 degrees North Latitude. Yes, this is not quite in the
      Arctic but the weather in the past few years has indeed been warmer
      than usual, and this year has been exceptionally so.

      For three of the last four years we have not had the extremely cold
      temperatures that we can get here. Temps of about -40 C/F are about
      the worst we have had which is warmer than what would be expected. In
      January 2003 we got well over the freezing point and did get rain
      briefly which I do not think has been seen here. This year has been
      one for the books. March started out mildly and today (April 8) our
      snow cover is nearly completely gone (more than 95%). Temps have been
      in the 60s F (teens Centigrade) for well over a week and it is quite
      possible that we can get out on our fields (I am a farmer among other
      things) and start to get work done in the next few days. I am told by
      a neighbour that the earliest he could ever remember getting out on
      the fields was April 15 and normally it is in early May.

      The times are indeed a'changing!


      My reply:

      Thank you Gerald,

      This is an important witness account of what is probably the first
      stage of climate change. I hope the full report gets some traction
      in time to make a difference.


      Something to know is that what's happening to you happens before the
      lower latitudes experience the effect.
      I suspect the electric bills in Texas in the coming summers are
      something we'll have to find a second job to pay all too soon.

      May I post your remarks to the
      Paleontology_and_Climate@yahoogroups.com list and forward them on to
      Robert W. Corell - if you have not done so?

      I'm running into a lot of resistance regarding anthropomorphic CO2
      forcing, even more in asserting that more
      CO2 emissions will raise temperatures even higher. We're trying to
      work out the physics of it to know for sure
      how to approach a realistic reversal of the effects.

      Thanks again for your comments,

      Tim Jones
      Austin, Texas


      At 3:08 PM -0500 04/09/2004, P. Neuman self only wrote:
      >When I come across articles or posts that I think are valuable to
      >retrieve easily at a future day, I include a CC to ClimateArchive.
      >is no discussion on ClimateArchive or ClimateArchiveTwo ( I rarely post
      >to ClimateArchiveTwo, which has mainly just tables of data in
      >attachments. Yahoo no longer posts with attachments that can be
      >retrieved from its archives).
      >Tim, I think we all benefit from your seemingly in depth searches. I
      >will re post your message (below) with this to ClimateArchive.


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