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Re: DAILY GRIST, 07 Apr 2004 New House Bill... Climate Change

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    DAILY GRIST 07 Apr 2004 Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE 1. HOUSEWARMING New House Bill Sparks Hope of Congressional
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      07 Apr 2004
      Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE

      New House Bill Sparks Hope of Congressional Action on Climate Change

      With new studies coming out virtually every week about the looming
      threat of global warming, it appears that Congress is slowly getting
      the message. A bipartisan group in the House has introduced a
      companion bill to the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act in the
      Senate. Both measures propose mandatory caps on carbon-dioxide
      emissions and the creation of a market-based emissions trading
      system. While the Senate bill failed last fall, it was by a narrower
      vote than expected, and its sponsors plan to bring it up for another
      vote this spring. Read about the new House bill and its chances (or
      lack thereof) in Muckraker, today on the Grist Magazine website.

      today in Grist: Bipartisan House bill on global warming may signal
      shift -- in Muckraker

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      DO GOOD
      Support the Climate Stewardship Act

      If you'd like to see Congress get cracking on efforts to fight
      climate change, join an Environmental Defense campaign to generate
      support for the Climate Stewardship Act. The group aims to get
      500,000 people to send messages to their senators, representatives,
      and President Bush in support of the bill by May 1. It's quick, it's
      easy -- make your voice heard. Come on -- everybody else is doing it.

      do good: Take action and push for passage of climate-change bill

      Los Angeles Suburb Spurns Mega-Retailer

      Voters in the Los Angeles community of Inglewood voted overwhelmingly
      yesterday to deny giant retailer Wal-Mart the right to build a
      mammoth "supercenter" on a parcel of land the size of 17 football
      fields without an environmental impact study or public hearings.
      Citizens voted by a margin of 61 to 39 percent against a ballot
      measure put forward by a Wal-Mart sponsored group, which poured more
      than $1 million into the campaign. The proposed store, which would
      have been the first in L.A. County, was previously blocked by the
      Inglewood City Council, prompting the citizen-initiative end-run. It
      is part of the uber-retailer's plan to open some 40 supercenters,
      each including a supermarket, across California in an attempt to
      break into the lucrative grocery market. Citizens and small-business
      owners opposed the plan due to worries about sprawl, traffic
      congestion, threats to local businesses, and what many say are the
      company's exploitative labor practices. Inglewood Assemblyperson
      Jerome Horton said, "Clearly, this is a test site ... I think
      everyone should prepare for a full frontal attack from Wal-Mart."

      straight to the source: Los Angeles Times, Sara Lin and Monte Morin,
      07 Apr 2004

      American Automakers Get Ready to Sell Hybrids

      Ford Motor Co. announced today that it will put a second hybrid SUV
      on the market in 2007, but the company and its American counterparts
      still have a ways to go before they catch up with Japanese automakers
      and satisfy the demands of environmentalists. Ford's first hybrid
      SUV, the Escape, will debut in dealerships this summer, but
      protesters outside this year's New York International Auto Show are
      keeping the pressure on CEO Bill Ford, Jr., who prior to taking over
      the company was an outspoken environmental advocate. "Ford has shown
      that they can make a 35-mpg SUV -- now they need to use this
      technology throughout their fleet to clean up the environment and cut
      our oil dependence," said the Sierra Club's Dan Becker. General
      Motors also has a few hybrid models set to debut in 2007. By that
      year, however, Toyota and Honda -- who have reported high demand for
      their hybrids -- will be selling three to four hybrid models apiece,
      including mid-size sedans and SUVs. Some analysts predict, and
      enviros hope, that high gas prices will accelerate demand for the
      fuel-saving models.

      straight to the source: MSNBC, 07 Apr 2004

      straight to the source: The Boston Globe, Reuters, Michael Ellis, 07 Apr 2004

      Greenland Ice Sheet to Melt, Drowning Coastlines

      If current global warming trends continue, Greenland's ice sheet --
      the world's second largest, after Antarctica's -- will begin melting
      by the end of the century, and over the course of 1,000 years will
      melt entirely, raising worldwide ocean levels by some 23 feet and
      totally screwing up real estate prices in Orange County, Calif. A
      new study in the journal Nature used computer models to forecast
      various levels of carbon-dioxide increase in the atmosphere. In most
      models, the crucial point at which melting exceeds snowfall happens
      around 2100. "We conclude that the Greenland ice sheet is likely to
      be eliminated by anthropogenic climate change unless much more
      substantial emission reductions are made than those envisaged by the
      [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change]," say the authors. Time
      to sign the kids up for swimming lessons!

      straight to the source: Times of India, Agence France-Presse, 07 Apr 2004

      Pentagon Seeks Yet More Environmental Exemptions

      The U.S. Department of Defense went to Congress again yesterday and
      requested more exemptions from environmental laws. Congress has
      granted five of the eight exemptions previously sought by the DOD,
      which claims -- despite findings to the contrary by congressional
      investigators in 2002 -- that environmental restrictions are
      hampering troop training and readiness. The Pentagon now wants to be
      exempted from certain sections of the Clean Air Act and toxic waste
      laws so that military training exercises can, well, pollute the air
      and the land. Enviros wonder why the Pentagon seems perpetually
      irritated by the prospect that it might, someday, be slightly
      constrained by regulations meant to protect the environment and the
      health of the military families and communities that surround its
      bases. Raymond DuBois, deputy undersecretary of defense for
      installations and environment, says the military spends $4 billion
      annually on environmental programs and takes environmental concerns

      straight to the source: San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press,
      John Heilprin, 06 Apr 2004


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