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      Global Warming Action Update
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      Subject: Global Warming Action Update

      Global Warming

      Midwest News
      Wisconsin Global Warming Pollution Drops as Gas Prices Rise

      The transportation sector is the #2 contributor of global warming pollution in the Midwest , trailing only electricity generation.  But as the cost of driving rises, Midwesterners are using their cars less—so much so that carbon dioxide pollution from the transportation sector inWisconsin dropped 4% during the first half of 2008.  Accompanying this trend has been record ridership on Amtrak’s Chicago-Milwaukee trains, which boast an on-time record better-than-95%—the highest in the nation.


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      National News
      States Across the Nation are Implementing Renewable Energy Incentives

      The concept of a "feed-in tariff" for solar energy is standard practice in Europe , but a newfangled idea here.  The feed-in tariff is a program whereby the owners of solar power systems up to a certain size receive a guaranteed, fixed price from an electric utility for electricity fed into the grid.  The price is set high enough that a prospective buyer of a solar system can more comfortably handle the up-front cost of installing the equipment.  For the first time, a global warming advisory group—has formally endorsed the concept.  But Wisconsin's bold move is just one of a number of new policy ideas being considered and/or implemented in states all over the country.


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      Global News
      So Far, 2008 is One of the Top Ten Warmest Years Worldwide

      Despite cooler-than-normal temperatures this summer in the Midwest , much of the rest of the world continues to bake.  Recently released data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration puts 2008 thus far in ninth place for combined land and sea temperature.

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      What You Can Do: More Green Back-to-School Ideas!

      In our last issue, we talked about backpacks equipped with solar panels that can charge cell phones and other small electronic devices.  Now, with school about to start, we present an entire list of green ideas, many of which can help reduce your own carbon footprint.

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      Thank you for your commitment and dedication! Together we can solve the global warming challenges of our generation.

      Help us Preserve the Northwoods in Wisconsin


      Show your support of Wisconsin ’s Northwoods by signing a petition to preserve theChequamegon-Nicolet National Forest .  ELPC continues to file administrative and legal briefs to ensure a healthy forest and a healthy economy.


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      Growing Chicago's Green Business and Clean Tech Economy


      Chicago is positioned to become the center of the green business/clean tech economy. Join a small group of industry leaders to discuss what it will take to make this opportunity a reality. Meet the future leaders in this field.


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