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      January 24, 2008

      + Antarctic Ice Loss Speeds Up, Nearly Matches Greenland Loss
      Pasadena CA (SPX) Jan 24, 2008 - Ice loss in Antarctica increased by
      75 percent in the last 10 years due to a speed-up in the flow of its
      glaciers and is now nearly as great as that observed in Greenland,
      according to a new, comprehensive study by NASA and university
      scientists. In a first-of-its-kind study, an international team led by
      Eric Rignot of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., and
      the University of Cal ... more

      + EU threatens trade partners over global warming
      Brussels (AFP) Jan 23, 2008 - The European Commission brandished the
      threat on Wednesday of imposing restrictions on imports from countries
      that fail to follow its lead in tackling global climate change.
      European industry and business have warned that tough EU emissions
      targets could force some companies to move production to countries
      with easier environmental regulations, such as China and the United
      States. "There ... more

      + Arctic ice-cap loss twice the size of France: research
      Paris (AFP) Jan 23, 2008 - The Arctic ice cap has shrunk by an area
      twice the size of France's land mass over the last two years, the
      Paris-based National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) said
      Wednesday. "The year 2008 promises to be a critical year on every
      level," said Jean-Claude Gascard, the body's research director and
      coordinator of European scientific mission Damocles, which is
      monitoring the effects of cl ... more

      + Coal-Fires Science: Ready To Ignite Around The World
      Boulder CO (SPX) Jan 24, 2008 - In spite of the human suffering and
      environmental dangers they cause around the world, naturally burning
      coal fires and coal fires ignited by human activities receive little
      attention from the media, compared to other environmental
      catastrophes. Unfortunately, few university geoscience curricula
      devote time to the study of these fires. A new volume published by the
      Geological Society of America ... more

      + EU sets emissions targets to fight climate change
      Brussels (AFP) Jan 23, 2008 - The European Commission set targets
      Wednesday for EU member states to slash greenhouse gases, seeking to
      calm fears about the burden of fighting climate change and warning
      that the cost of dithering would be much higher. Laying out a sweeping
      strategy, the commission called on EU members to ratchet up their use
      of renewable energy and biofuels while also unveiling plans to make
      industry pay ... more


      IPCC chief disappointed by EU climate change plan

      Keep climate change on agenda, pleads IPCC

      LSU, Yale Team Study Agricultural Impact On Mississippi River

      NGOs cool on EU climate change targets


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      + Seismic Images Show Dinosaur-Killing Meteor Made Bigger Splash
      Austin TX (SPX) Jan 24, 2008 - The most detailed three-dimensional
      seismic images yet of the Chicxulub crater, a mostly submerged and
      buried impact crater on the Mexico coast, may modify a theory
      explaining the extinction of 70 percent of life on Earth 65 million
      years ago. The Chicxulub crater was formed when an asteroid struck on
      the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Most scientists agree the impact
      played a major role in th ... more

      + Thousands Of Crop Varieties From Four Corners Of The World Depart
      For Arctic Seed Vault
      Mexico City, Mexico (SPX) Jan 24, 2008 - At the end of January, more
      than 200,000 crop varieties from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the
      Middle East-drawn from vast seed collections maintained by the
      Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)-will
      be shipped to a remote island near the Arctic Circle, where they will
      be stored in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault (SGSV), a facility capable
      of preserving their vitali ... more

      + Europe's polluters warn of high price for EU green plan
      Berlin (AFP) Jan 23, 2008 - Europe's big polluters accepted an EU
      plan to drastically cut emissions of the gases that cause global
      warming while expressing concern on the cost and impact on jobs.
      Pressure groups said the targets did not go far enough and would be a
      threat to the world's poor. Industry groups said meanwhile they went
      too far. Under the European Commission proposals, Britain, France and
      Germany will ... more

      + Analysis: Brazil strikes gas again
      Miami (UPI) Jan 23, 2007 - Brazil's energy fortunes appear to keep
      growing with the discovery of a new gas field right next door to a
      bounty of undersea oil found last year, officials at state-run
      Petrobras announced this week. Officials said the exact amount of
      natural gas contained in the Jupiter gas field offshore Rio de Janeiro
      remains unknown. However, it is estimated to be about the same size as
      the Tupi oi ... more

      + Brazil's biofuel industry welcomes EU climate change package
      Sao Paulo (AFP) Jan 23, 2008 - Brazil's sugarcane industry -- the
      main pillar in the country's biofuel sector -- hailed the European
      Union plan unveiled Wednesday to cut greenhouse emissions by boosting
      ethanol use in transport. The European Commission goal of having 10
      percent of transport fuels coming from biomass (crops that can be
      processed to produce ethanol) by 2020 was "a sensible approach," the
      Brazilian Sugar Can ... more


      Brussels steers EU nations to clean energy targets

      China, India among worst environmental performers: study

      EU sets national renewable energy targets for 2020

      Outside View: Russia-Bulgaria energy moves

      + IAEA still awaiting explanation from Kyrgyzstan on radioactive seizure
      Vienna (AFP) Jan 22, 2008 - The UN atomic watchdog said Tuesday it
      was still waiting for information from the Kyrgyzstan government about
      an incident late last year involving radioactive material found on a
      train bound for Iran. "We've sent a formal request and we're still
      awaiting a response," a spokeswoman for the International Atomic
      Energy Agency (IAEA) said. According to Kyrgyz authorities, Uzbekistan
      border ... more

      + US To Invest More In Nuclear Security Part One
      Moscow (UPI) Jan 22, 2007 - Starting in 2008, the U.S. defense budget
      will feature allocations for protection against nuclear terrorism.
      This will ensure the safe storage of radioactive substances in the
      United States and in other nations, and it will also facilitate
      operations against terrorist groups attempting to lay their hands on
      nuclear weapons. Russia also considers this to be a serious problem.
      In late 20 ... more

      + Analysis: Promising aid program faces cuts
      Washington (UPI) Jan 22, 2007 - The Millennium Challenge Account has
      been widely praised for its approach to foreign aid, but the program
      has been consistently underfunded and some fear it is vulnerable to
      shifting budgetary and political priorities. Begun in 2004, the MCA
      represented a paradigm shift in development aid -- aiming to reward
      good governance over multiyear compacts and allowing aid recipients to
      determin ... more

      + Bank of China denies subprime worries as trading suspended
      Shanghai (AFP) Jan 22, 2008 - Trading in Bank of China was suspended
      here Tuesday pending a major announcement, but the bank denied reports
      that it would post massive losses over assets linked to US subprime
      mortgages. The suspension came after Hong Kong media reported China's
      third-largest bank could announce a significant writedown in 2007 on
      its 7.95 billion US dollars of investments in subprime-related
      securities. ... more

      + Bushfire Impact On Water Yields
      Canberra, Australia (SPX) Jan 23, 2008 - While forest fires can often
      result in an initial increase in water runoff from catchments, it's
      the forests and bush growing back that could cause future problems for
      water supplies by reducing stream flows. In the summer of 2002-03,
      bushfires burnt through 700,000 ha of forests in northeast Victoria.
      This region supplies 38 per cent of the water that flows into the
      Murray-Darling River, the m ... more


      EU to unveil climate plan amid industry, national hostility

      Forests Could Benefit When Fall Color Comes Late

      Giant genome sequencing project announced

      Human-Generated Aerosols Affect Our Weather



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      + Japan urges legal action against anti-whaling activists: ministry
      Tokyo (AFP) Jan 22, 2008 - Japan urged Australia Tuesday to take
      legal action against two anti-whaling protestors who climbed aboard a
      Japanese whaler in Antarctic seas last week, a foreign ministry
      statement said. The activists, from the US environmental group Sea
      Shepherd Conservation Society, were held on the Japanese harpoon boat
      for two days after they delivered a letter protesting the slaughter of
      whales. ... more

      + Naples under 3,500 tonnes of garbage as strike endures
      Rome (AFP) Jan 22, 2008 - Just over 3,500 tonnes of uncollected
      garbage still clogged the streets of Naples on Tuesday -- slightly
      down from 7,100 tonnes last week, when the army first began
      intervening in the strike. The southern Italian city and surrounding
      region has been under mounds of rubbish since landfill sites reached
      capacity and garbage collectors refused to continue their work. At the
      origin of the es ... more

      + Newly Discovered Active Fault Building New Dalmatian Islands Off
      Croatian Coast
      Tucson AZ (SPX) Jan 23, 2008 - A newly identified fault that runs
      under the Adriatic Sea is actively building more of the famously
      beautiful Dalmatian Islands and Dinaride Mountains of Croatia,
      according to a new research report. Geologists had previously believed
      that the Dalmatian Islands and the Dinaride Mountains had stopped
      growing 20 to 30 million years ago. From a region northwest of
      Dubrovnik, the new fault runs ... more

      + Weather network expands into 10 states
      Fort Collins, Colo. (UPI) Jan 22, 2007 - Colorado State University's
      Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network is beginning its
      10th year with the addition of 10 new states. The program involves
      thousands of volunteers who document the size, intensity, duration and
      patterns of precipitation by taking simple measurements at their
      homes. Each volunteer is asked to read a rain gauge each day at the
      same time and ... more

      + China electricity supplier warns of power crisis: report
      Shanghai (AFP) Jan 23, 2008 - China's biggest electricity provider
      has asked the government to help ensure coal supplies and avert a
      looming power crisis, state media reported on Wednesday. The State
      Grid Corp issued the call for help after stockpiles of coal, which
      provide about 70 percent of China's power needs, had dwindled to a
      week's supply in recent days, the China Business News said. The supply
      crunch was caus ... more


      France's Areva ready to bid for two reactors in South Africa
      THE PITS

      Corruption fuels China mine disasters: minister

      WWF calls for moratorium on oil exploration in Arctic

      Fog causing high dust levels in Bulgaria: environmental agency

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