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RE: [ClimateArchive] Fwd: Summary: Rainfall intensity, soil erosion and food

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  • Pat Neuman
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      Subject: RE: [ClimateArchive] Fwd: Summary: Rainfall intensity, soil erosion and food
      Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 21:15:27 -0500

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      Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 20:28:53 +0000
      Subject: [ClimateArchive] Fwd: Summary: Rainfall intensity, soil erosion and food

      This is a brief summary (draft) of an article I'm working on for
      publication by the Sierra Club on: Rainfall intensity, soil erosion
      and food.

      Increasing rainfall intensity and soil erosion, with global warming,
      will likely have catastrophic effects on world food supply and
      populations of species, including humans.

      Record rainfall intensity and flash flooding occurred in southern
      Minnesota in August of 2007 http://www.crh. noaa.gov/ mpx/?n=2007aug18 .
      Intense rainfall and flash flood also occurred in southwest Wisconsin
      in August of 2007. Unusually heavy runoff occurred in northeast
      Minnesota in October of 2007.

      I met with University of Wisconsin Professor of Physical Geography
      James Knox at his Science Hall office on the Madison, WI campus on
      November 11, 2007. We discussed the hydrology of the Upper Midwest,
      my career in hydrologic modeling and flood prediction at the National
      Weather Service (NWS) North Central River Forecast Center (NCRFC), and
      I was given advice on how I might further my education in hydrology
      and water resources management.

      My career with NOAA NWS at NCRFC (1979-2005) was cut short by NWS
      management as a result of my research and speaking about climate and
      hydrologic change in the Upper Midwest. I also have education and
      experience in prairie and landscape restoration. My volunteer work
      has been with the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

      A website showing albums on my:

      1) Accomplishments in hydrology and flood prediction from 1976-2005,
      2) Efforts in climate change and hydrology, January of 2000 to current,
      3) Resistance to climate change efforts which I received from NWS
      management, and
      4) Views of landscapes, plants and wildlife in MN, WI, CO, WY of
      special importance

      is at:

      http://picasaweb. google.com/ npatnew/

      Persons who may be interested in additional material can reach me by
      e-mail or phone.

      Pat Neuman
      Hydrologist, Chanhassen, MN
      E-mail: npat1@...
      Home phone: 952 906 2824

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