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To My Future Grandkids in 2020

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    To My Future Grandkids in 2020 http://franke.newsvine.com/_news/2007/06/07/761335-to-my-future-grandkids-in-2020 ORONTO, June 7 /CNW/ - To My Future Grandkids
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      To My Future Grandkids in 2020



      ORONTO, June 7 /CNW/ - "To My Future Grandkids in 2020" is the 3rd environmental, visual essay created by Canadian artist Franke James.

      View visual essay online: http://www.frankejames.com

      Written as a letter to her future grandchildren in 2020, it opens with James confiding, "I have this crazy image in my head of you cursing us - yelling and stamping your feet that we were stupid, and selfish and mean. I hope that is not true..."

      James envisions a future with higher temperatures and water rationing, and asks, "Will cactus replace evergreens in your garden? Will you call us crazy for filling up swimming pools with drinking water? Will Canada become Florida North?"

      "To My Future Grandkids in 2020" examines the climate crisis through a series of 25 original drawings which include interviews with three generations of the artist's family. Her 80-yr old father offers this opinion, "Global warming is certainly the challenge for your generation. Just like World War II was for ours..."

      Blog Reviews:

      "Good art generates passion... Toronto artist Franke James exemplifies this in a series of beautiful and powerful visual essays on environmental topics...Highly recommended." Stephen Leahy, Author, 'Oil Stains in the Boreal Forest'

      "James made it for her unborn grandchildren but I think it is for all of us..." Martin Edic, www.BurnerTrouble.com

      "EVERYONE should read this!" Bentley Christie, www.EcoSherpa.com

      "Another great visual piece by artist Franke James...this one in particular impacted me...our human legacy to our children and grandchildren... and what I am doing day to day towards that." Mom in Madison Blog

      About the Artist:

      Franke James is a Canadian environmental artist and writer. She has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from University of Victoria, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison. James environmental essays have been featured in newspapers, and many online blogs including Treehugger, Worldchanging and Lifehacker. For the recent Green Living Show, Franke adapted her Green Winter visual essay into a narrated animation, with music composed by David Gray, Big World Songs. A Green Winter will be published in a university textbook entitled "Perspectives on Contemporary Issues", including authors Stephen Lewis, David Suzuki, Margaret Atwood and others. Co-edited by Kim Blank and Stephen Eaton Hume, University of Victoria. To be published by Thomson, Autumn 2007.

      For further information: Franke James, MFA
      Email: franke@...
      Website: www.frankejames.com

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