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Fw: Worldwatch: Beyond Disasters, Chris Flavin on Today Show, New Poll

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      Worldwatch Institute
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      Continued support from people like you is critical to Worldwatch's work to create a safer, more sustainable world. Help us spread our message by:

      New Worldwatch Report

      Beyond Disasters: Creating Opportunities for Peace

      Beyond Disasters Cover

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      - Press Release
      - Key Points
      - Poll

      On Tuesday, June 12, nearly 30 diplomats, United Nations representatives, and analysts from NGOs and academia gathered at UN headquarters in New York for the release of Worldwatch's latest publication: Beyond Disasters: Creating Opportunities for Peace. At the event, which was co-sponsored by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Global Policy Forum, participants agreed the report would be invaluable in future efforts to address disaster and conflict.

      In Beyond Disasters, Michael Renner and Zo� Chafe examine the recent experiences of Indonesia's Aceh province, Sri Lanka, and Kashmir, among others, and suggest ways to better integrate global and local responses to disasters and conflict.

      The report notes that the human toll taken by natural disasters is increasing�adding to the list of deadly challenges faced by poor communities and countries worldwide. Recorded disasters nearly doubled between 1987 and 2006, while the number of people affected by these disasters increased more than 10 percent. Women, children, and the elderly are among those most vulnerable.

      There is growing recognition that disasters are caused by human impacts on the natural environment as well as by short-sighted and inappropriate development patterns, settlements in increasingly vulnerable areas, and socioeconomic divides and inequities.

      Beyond Disasters outlines why the intersection of disasters, conflict, and peacemaking requires interdisciplinary responses from governments, international donors, and civil society, and offers recommendations to civil society organizations and policymakers.

      1. Summary
      2. "Unnatural" Disasters
      3. The March Towards Disaster
      4. Understanding Factors of Vulnerability
      5. Storm Clouds and Silver Linings
      6. Case study�Aceh: Peacemaking After the Tsunami
      7. Case study�Sri Lanka: A "Double Blow" to Development
      8. Case study�Kashmir: Physical Tremor, but No Political Earthquake
      9. Creating Opportunities for Peace

      Worldwatch Poll: Disasters and Security

      What do you think is most effective in working toward peace in a disaster area?
      • Strong civil society that advocates for local rights and needs during relief efforts
      • Government that is willing to compromise and think creatively
      • International media and aid presence, to ensure accountability
      • Continued attention to the conflict and to disaster relief�not just quick fixes
      • Other
      Cast your vote and add your comments now!

      Worldwatch President Interviewed on Today Show

      On Thursday, June 21, Worldwatch President and energy expert Chris Flavin will appear on The Today Show as an independent commentator on oil companies� efforts to develop renewable energy technologies. Be sure to watch!

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      Companies Have �Unique Leverage" to Help Environment While it can be hard to get the U.S. government and even individual consumers to �go green,� private industry has the power to significantly affect the environment in the near term, according to Gwen Ruta, director of corporate partnerships at Environmental Defense.

      Recent Sighting Holds Hope for China�s Wild Tigerst For the first time ever, scientists recently captured clear footage of a wild Indo-Chinese tiger in a nature reserve in China�s southeastern Yunnan Province.

      Protecting livestock biodiversity This week, the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture is meeting to discuss something most of us never think about: the world�s livestock genetic resources. Participants from the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, NGOs, and representatives for pastoralists and livestock farmers are meeting in preparation for the First International Technical Conference on Animal Genetic Resources this September in Interlaken, Switzerland.

      Car Racing Goes Green, Hopes to Educate Fans Some racecar drivers and enthusiasts are winning the race to be more environmentally friendly, while others are lagging behind.

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