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France and Shanghai Much Hotter than Usual this Winter

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  • Mike Neuman
    Shanghai has Warmest Winter on Record SHANGHAI - Shanghai, China s largest city, has experienced its warmest winter since records began in 1873, the official
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2007
      Shanghai has Warmest Winter on Record

      SHANGHAI - Shanghai, China's largest city, has experienced its
      warmest winter since records began in 1873, the official Xinhua news
      agency reported on Thursday.

      The average temperature over the past three months was 8.1 degrees
      Celsius (46.6 Fahrenheit), 2.6 degrees warmer than the previous
      average, Xinhua quoted the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau as saying.
      Lei Xiaotu, director of the bureau's climate centre, attributed the
      record temperatures to global warming.

      The warmer weather cut energy consumption in some parts of Shanghai,
      home to about 18 million people. It also helped the growth of
      vegetables, pushing down their prices, Lei said.

      The warming trend could also have negative effects on human health
      and the environment, he said.

      Earlier this week, Shanghai authorities said a particularly serious
      plague of mosquitoes was expected this summer after the warm winter
      helped them breed.

      The winter was unusually warm for China as a whole, with an average
      temperature of minus 2.6 degrees, 1.8 degrees higher than normal,
      Xinhua said. Last year was the country's warmest in more than half a

      France has Warmest Autumn, Winter for Centuries

      PARIS - France recorded its warmest autumn and winter for several
      centuries, the meteorological office said on Thursday as the
      government warned it was worried about water supplies. Meteo France
      said average temperatures from December to February were 2.1 degrees
      Celsius (35.78 Fahrenheit) above average -- the highest since it
      began collating "full and reliable" data from 22 French cities in

      "This remarkably mild winter follows an exceptionally hot 2006
      autumn, which has not been seen before in the 1950-2006 period and
      without doubt even for several centuries," Meteo France said in a

      It added that northeast France was especially mild, with temperatures
      almost 3 C above normal in the three winter months. It said the
      outlook was for a hotter-than-normal spring.

      A government committee held a monthly meeting on the water situation
      in France on Thursday and urged users, especially farmers, to be
      careful, saying rainfall between September and February was slightly

      "The water situation is worrying and one must remain attentive,"
      Environment Minister Nelly Olin said, adding that water restrictions
      looked almost certain in some areas.
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