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Hansen's 2001-2005 Surface Temperature Anomaly & false claims by NOAA' s NWS

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    Hansen s 2001-2005 Surface Temperature Anomaly & false claims by NOAA s NWS Summary Dr James Hansen s presentation by Chris Vernon The Oil Drum: Europe,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2006
      Hansen's 2001-2005 Surface Temperature Anomaly & false claims by
      NOAA's NWS

      Summary Dr James Hansen's presentation by Chris Vernon
      The Oil Drum: Europe, November 22, 2006

      2001-2005 Surface Temperature Anomaly (Figure 1)

      "Figure 1 illustrates the temperature anomalies of the 1st half decade
      of this century over the 1951-�80 average. It is exactly what one
      would expect from forced climate change, the increase is larger over
      the land due to the thermal inertia of the oceans and it is larger at
      higher latitudes than low latitudes due to positive feedbacks."

      It's clear that global warming is happening - evidenced by the minimal
      area of cooler anomaly for 2001-2005 and the locations of warmest
      anomaly (land and high latitudes - and by warming winter and overnight
      temperatures in the Upper Midwest, Alaska and the higher elevation
      stations in Colorado and New Mexico.

      The National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has not
      been showing these trends in the operation 30 60 90 120 and longer
      range temperature outlooks. NWS forecast offices have not accounted
      warming in overnight minimum temperatures in their daily operational
      forecasting. NWS staff excuse themselves by claiming that weather is
      not climate, but global warming has already been affecting weather.
      Climate change is happening now therefore NWS officials are wrong in
      claiming that climate change does not need to be considered in their
      daily operational forecasts and their (NWS CPC) monthly and 90 day
      temperature outlooks. NWS is also wrong in saying their hydrologic
      modeling, flood and low water forecasting and their "Advanced
      Hydrologic Prediction System products don't need to account for
      climate change - especially in the areas that are experiencing rapid
      climate change already (Alaska, Upper Midwest and high elevation


      Hansen's 2001-2005 Surface Temperature Anomaly is also at:



      Patrick Neuman
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