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A Minnesotan who's ashamed to admit where he's from (global warming)

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    http://twincities.indymedia.org/newswire/display/28807/index.php A Minnesotan who s ashamed to admit where he s from (global warming) Not much has changed in
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      A Minnesotan who's ashamed to admit where he's from (global warming)

      Not much has changed in the Twin Cities and Minnesota since I posted
      this message to the E-democracy group called Minnesota-Politics-
      Discuss (MPD) on Jan 25, 2000.

      After sending the message I was removed by the group moderator for
      MPD who said my messages on greenhouse gas emissions and climate
      change were inappropriate for the list.

      In 2003 I tried to post messages again to MPD about Minnesota's
      emissions and global warming and again I was removed from the group.
      Excerpts from my Jan 25, 2000 message to the MPD group is below,
      including the link to my original post.

      Minnesota adding heavily to global warming

      ... "I conclude, based on my six week effort with the help of Michael
      Neuman, that Minnesota doesn't seem to care about the heavy
      contribution it is making to the growing serious problem of global
      warming caused by automobile and other greenhouse gas emissions." ...

      "We need a new definition of wealth and prosperity in Minnesota that
      places material
      value on clean air and water, safe, healthy food and farming
      practices, human-scale, community-based businesses and clean renewable
      energy, so
      that we can protect our natural resources for the common good of
      generations to come, rather than degrade them for short-term profits."
      [Holle Brian, Jan., 2000]

      Although the exact magnitude of the growing consequences of global
      warming are at this time, unknown, it is essential that governments,
      businesses, and private citizens begin to act now, as strongly and
      wisely as they are capable.

      If people do not care to help reduce the contribution to global
      warming at the local level, than we all are in trouble.

      Our children's children, and their environment will suffer the
      consequences of our inaction to reduce our contributions to global
      warming that we are making today.

      Patrick J. Neuman, private citizen
      Hydrologist, St.Paul,MN, moving to Chanhassen,MN


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