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Officials and weather people downplayed drought and climate change

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  • npat1
    Officials and weather people downplayed drought and climate change -- 10 Jul 2006 Many citizens disagree with the government claim that there is no drought
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      Officials and weather people downplayed drought and climate change

      10 Jul 2006
      Many citizens disagree with the government claim that there is no
      drought going on in Minnesota

      Many citizens disagree with the government claim that there is no
      drought going on in Minnesota.

      On WCCO News at noon today, the news anchor said the official moisture
      index does not indicate a drought exists in Minnesota. However, the
      warm early spring weather in April got the growing season started
      early this year, then the moisture shut off. The moisture conditions
      are worse as a result of climate change and global warming. Government
      officials ignore climate change and global warming, claiming it's not
      their job or the subject is too "controversial", a cop out on their
      responsibility in serving in the public interest. According to what
      I've seen, heard and experienced, moisture levels in Minnesota are
      similar or worse now than they were in 1988 and 1976 (last two drought

      A drought is going on in Minnesota now.

      If we wait to take action until the government decides to say a
      drought or climate change change is occurring, we will have waited too
      long... it will be or already is too late.

      Comment (July 11)
      Some people have messed with earth in more damaging ways than others,
      sometimes doing that by just neglecting to admit that global warming
      is happening.

      National Weather Service (NWS) staff have refused to inform the media
      and public that global warming exists, in their official capacity in
      serving in the public interest.

      Instead, unofficially and off the record, NWS staff have told the
      public there is no global warming problem.

      I heard that said many times by NWS staff, from senior meteorologists
      with NWS in Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota to superiors of NWS
      offices. I worked at the NWS river forecast center Minnesota (now in
      Chanhassen), since it was created in Minneapolis in 1979.

      I use what I've learned about hydrology and climate change by putting
      stuff on my yahoo.photos website, below.

      It is troubling to me that while NWS uses government salary money to
      mislead the public on global warming, that other people not in
      government have found ways to help educate the public about climate
      change and weather. For example ...

      Polar explorer Will Steger leads Global Warming 101 in collaboration
      with leaders in education, business, technology, government and
      community action, to help will raise broad public awareness about
      global warming as witnessed through Will Steger´┐Żs polar expeditions.
      The goal of this initiative is to educate the connected audience about
      the effects of human actions upon the global climate, empower
      individual choices and support grassroots efforts that lead to massive
      institutional reform and technological innovation.

      Will Steger does not have the resources to educate throughout the U.S.
      NWS does have the resource to do so, having around 120 offices in the
      states staffed round the clock with responsibilities in operations,
      development of procedures and education of the public in weather and
      climate for bettering preparedness for severe weather and flooding.
      NWS may do OK in operations but they are failing in procedures
      development and public education ... by intentionally ignoring climate
      change in their official capacity. Why can't people see that? I've
      been saying that for the last six years, five while I was a
      hydrologist at NWS in Chanhassen. How can professional people and
      scientists not review the facts and help other people understand what
      we are doing to the atmosphere and planet?



      Also see:
      Meteorologists are downplaying drought and climate change
      13 Jul 2006

      Pat Neuman
      Chanhassen, MN
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