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Re: Town Meeting on Global Warming this Saturday, please join us

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  • Pat Neuman
    From : Christine Frank To : All Subject : PROGRESS REPORT ON THE MAY 13TH TOWN MEETING ON GLOBAL WARMING Date : Wed, May 10, 2006 10:55
    Message 1 of 2 , May 11, 2006

      From : Christine Frank

      To : All


      Date : Wed, May 10, 2006 10:55 AM

      Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Trade Union Movement and Environmental Activists,

      SPEAKERS: Pat Neuman, retired hydrolotgist with 30 years of service at the North Central River Forecast Center in Chanhassen has volunteered to replace Professor Mark Davis, who cancelled. Pat will be speaking about how global warming has altered the hydrological patterns. Our thanks to him for stepping forward & saving the day.

      GREETINGS FROM THE FOUR METRO MAYORS: Nancy Tyra-Lukens found herself without the time to write something up so she gave me a report over the phone which I will write up for Phyllis, our chairperson, to read from the lectern. It is possible we may have to go the same route with the other three. It appears that Jacob Brown who was the liaison to Mayor Rybak has left the scene, and his remarks were not prepared either. So much for "best laid plans" and all of that.

      PUBLICITY & MEDIA WORK: The press release, focusing on our labor support, has gone out and packets have been assembled for any media people that show up at the TM on Saturday. They must be called on Friday to urge them to attend. The LABOR REVIEW, UNION ADVOCATE, DOWNTOWN JOURNAL and some community papers have run notices. It would be appreciated if people could bring in copies of them for our files because I personally haven't had time to check them all.

      LITERATURE DISTRIBUTION: Over the weekend, 1,000 fliers were passed out at the May Day Parade in Powderhorn by St. Paul of Federation of Teachers member Corey Mattson. In addition, four downtown churches were leafleted along with the Living Green Expo on Sunday. The Labor Speakers Club mailing went out Saturday, and literature packets were sent to two dozen temples & mosques.

      The posters, buttons & tee shirts should be ready on Friday for pick up. Plus, a thousand recruitment brochures "Why You Should Join 3CTC" will be ready on Friday with union & recycle labels. Anyone wanting to do some final leafleting this week can cover the weekly Peace Vigils, the Mothers' Day Walk for Peace on Saturday morning and the Farmers' Markets.


      The following groups or individuals have been invited to display educational materials in addition to 3CTC:


      Sierra Club

      Clear the Air

      May Day Bookstore

      Will Steger, Panel Member

      Chad Kister, Panel Member

      These groups requested a table & we said "Yes":

      Clean Water Action Energy Campaign

      Alaska Coalition/Arctic Climate Change

      Eight tables have been reserved and will be in the Carlson Hall adjacent to the sanctuary. There may have to be a bit of doubling up. We have one extra folding table.

      The 3CTC Banner will be hung off the balcony at house left. Also, the screen will be placed in the house left corner for rear projection of Will's power point presentation and possible Kupchella DVD showing. The speakers will use the lectern which is "stage" left and will be seated on chairs on the platform. A water pitcher and glasses will be provided for them. The rest rooms and drinking fountains are located outside in the hallways. The HAUM Church Peace & Justice Committee will provide four people, including Hank Garwick who is helping with the arrangements, to monitor and provide security. They naturally don't want people wondering all over the building. We should provide some individuals for that as well. There may be some UTU rail workers who can assist with that. Also, it is extremely important that we leave the space neat and tidy. The church sound technician Jerry Polfer will be there at 12:00 Noon to set up the microphones on the lectern & floor. Anyone helping with set-up or doing a literature display should arrive at 12:30 PM. We want to be all ready by 1:00 so the program can begin promptly. There will be a group of 60 using the parking lot whose meeting runs until 1:00 PM so there will be a bit of competition for space. Remember, the church is right by the #s 4 & 6 bus stop to cut down on parking hassles.


      Set-up and staff the 3CTC literature table.

      Hang the banner.

      Circulate the petition for the People's Ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.

      Greet people and make sure they sit in the front pews and fill those first. If any media show up and we have a small crowd (hopefully not), we don't want individuals scattered all around the room. It will look bad.

      Greet the media and hand out press packets.

      Greet the speakers and help get them situated.

      Assist with running the audio-visual equipment ie, cuing the DVD, etc. and troubleshoot any problems. Stuff happens!

      Pass containers for the collection and count the money.

      Take down equipment & tables and tidy up the sanctuary and Carlson Hall. This involves doing a sweep of every row of pews so there's no paper or other stuff left behind. They want everything nice for Sunday services.

      Please call me by Friday evening if you are able to volunteer.

      Many thanks to all those who have built this very important event. Bring your peeps—friends, family, coworkers, neighbors. Let's do our best to fill the sanctuary. SAVE EARTH! See you Saturday.

      In Solidarity,

      Christine Frank, 3CTC


      --- In ClimateArchive@yahoogroups.com, "Pat Neuman" <npat1@...> wrote:
      > If you know of anyone who may be in the Twin Cities this Saturday please
      > pass this info to them, from Christine Frank with the Climate Crisis
      > Coalition of the Twin Cities (3CTC).
      > Saturday.
      > It is important for each & everyone of us to inform & bring friends,
      > family, coworkers, & neighbors to the Town Meeting in Minneapolis ... to
      > help educate and swell the ranks. Bring your Moms! Mothers Day is a
      > time to show appreciation for Moms, children & grandchildren, by working
      > to give a planet environment for life.
      > Saturday, May 13, 1:00-4:00 PM
      > Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church
      > 511 Groveland Ave., Minneapolis
      > SPEAKERS:
      > State Representative Keith Ellison, Environmental Justice Advocates of
      > Minnesota
      > Lynn Hinkle, UAW 879, Author of the "Ford Green Proposal"
      > Chad Kister, Author of Arctic Melting: " How Climate Change ... "
      > Rick Kupchella, KARE 11 News Reporter
      > Will Steger, Arctic Explorer
      > Phyllis Walker, President, AFSCME Local 3800 & Former New Orleans
      > resident
      > Pat Neuman, retired hydrologist with 30 years Flood Forecasting in
      > Upper Midwest
      > POSTERS, TEE SHIRTS & BUTTONS planned for sale will include beautiful
      > art work on wind and solar power, grassroots power and mass action.
      > Many thanks to all those who have built this very important event.
      > Let's do our best to fill the sanctuary. SAVE EARTH! See you
      > Saturday.
      > In Solidarity,
      > Christine Frank, 3CTC
      > 612-879-8937

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