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Magazine report calls for action

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    Fw: [fuelcell-energy] ... Magazine report calls for action By Ellie Whitney MY VIEW Did you see last week s cover story in Time magazine? It was titled Be
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2006
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      Magazine report calls for action
      By Ellie Whitney
      MY VIEW

      Did you see last week's cover story in Time magazine? It was
      titled "Be Worried. Be Very Worried," and inside, from page 28 to
      page 62, was a full report on the rapid advance of global warming.

      This was the most frightening - and at the same time most thrilling -
      news I have ever seen. It was frightening because global warming has
      progressed to a terrifying degree. It was thrilling because that
      article, along with major TV coverage on every network, bespeaks a
      tipping point in public opinion.

      People are no longer denying that global warming is occurring and is
      threatening the well-being and way of life of everyone on the planet.
      That means there is hope that we can still forestall the worst
      effects of climate disruption.

      Everyone now seems to realize that we need to reduce our use of
      fossil fuels - coal, oil and gas - because these are responsible for
      most of the emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that are
      trapping heat in our atmosphere. In their place, we need to turn to
      energy efficiency and renewable fuels.

      Along with this good news comes more good news. Many other nations in
      the world are taking action to combat global warming, and now some
      two dozen states in the United States are taking impressive steps in
      the same direction. Three examples: California has adopted a goal of
      20-percent renewable energy by 2017. Texas has doubled its commitment
      to renewable energy. New York state requires 25 percent of the
      state's electricity to be supplied from renewable sources by 2013.

      These states have put public benefit funds in place to finance these
      efforts and have mandated renewable portfolio standards to accelerate
      the shift to clean energy. Nine northeastern states have also banded
      together to cut carbon emissions in an alliance called the Regional
      Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

      And on March 31, Maryland joined that alliance and went one step
      further, passing the strongest power plant cleanup bill this country
      has ever seen. It mandates stronger-than-ever controls of sulfur,
      nitrogen, mercury and carbon-dioxide pollution of the air and

      Someday Florida will join these leaders and implement a climate
      action plan of its own. I can hardly wait.




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