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Arctic Warming Is Accelerating - NASA

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    ... From: Wayfarer Nine To: Solar Threat Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 18:17:26 -0600 Subject: [Solar Threat] Arctic Warming Is
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      Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 18:17:26 -0600
      Subject: [Solar Threat] Arctic Warming Is Accelerating - NASA

      According to NASA............



      > From: Krsanna Duran <timestar
      > Arctic Warming Is
      > Accelerating - NASA
      > By Dennis Bueckert
      >OTTAWA (CP) -- A NASA study warns that the rate of warming in the Arctic
      is speeding up and may be a harbinger of climate changes that will affect
      the entire globe.

      The rate of warming in the Arctic over the last 20 years is eight times
      greater than the rate over the entire last 100 years, says the study, to
      be published in the American Meteorological Society's Journal of Climate.

      NASA also reports that summer ice cover in the Arctic has been declining
      at a rate of nine per cent a decade and is very close to the record low
      set last year.

      It warns that if the high latitudes continue to warm, and ice cover
      continues to decline, the whole planet will be affected in complex ways
      which are not yet understood.

      "The people in this field agree that what happens in the Arctic does
      affect the rest of the globe in a host of different ways," said NASA
      spokeswoman Elvia Thompson in an interview.

      "We don't know for sure if the changes that are happening are due to
      natural variability or whether they're human-induced changes or whether
      it's some combination."

      Computer models have long predicted that the effects of global warming
      will be felt first in northern latitudes, said Sean-Patrick Stensil of
      the Sierra Club.

      "As we go on it's confirmed over and over again that climate change is
      NASA says Arctic temperatures are increasing at an average of 1.22
      Celsius per decade over most of the Arctic, although some areas are
      actually cooling.

      The biggest temperature increases are occurring over North America. The
      study is based on infrared satellite pictures taken from space.

      "The new study is unique in that, previously, similar studies have made
      use of data from very few points scattered in various parts of the Arctic
      region," said scientist Josefino Comiso of NASA's Goddard Space Flight
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