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A family's love really is worth more than riches

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  • Pat Neuman
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2006
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      < In fact, the most advanced nations have seen almost no change to individuals' happiness levels over the  past 50 years, despite a huge hike in income.  >

      I think that's also true .. despite a huge hike in other things besides income. Many people say they need a 2-3-4-5-6 vehicle garage justy for all their stuff (lots of fossil fuel burning machines).  They don't need a big garage and all that stuff.  Earth's inhabitants need them to change their lifestyle to use less energy, now.  

      Pat N

      --- In reamkeeper@yahoogroups.com">Dreamkeeper@yahoogroups.com

      A family's love really is worth more than riches
      December 28, 2005

      London - Families struggling to make ends meet might find it hard to
      believe. But a close network of relatives and friends is worth more than
      any amount of money, say doctors.

      "Individuals usually get richer during their lifetimes - but not happier,"
      says Dr Ton Delamothe, deputy editor of the British Medical Journal, in an

      Research suggests that, despite vastly different levels of wealth,
      citizens report similar levels of satisfaction. In fact, the most advanced
      nations have seen almost no change to individuals' happiness levels over
      the past 50 years, despite a huge hike in income.

      Dr Delamothe says the best way to be happy is to pick a life partner
      carefully, work hard at loving him or her, and nurture your relationships
      with family and friends.

      Research from 44 countries surveyed in 2002 found family life was the
      greatest source of satisfaction, and spending more time with loved ones
      increased it.

      Married people live on average three years longer and have better health
      and well-being than the unmarried.

      Being content at work also helps our happiness levels.

      Dr Delamothe advises the first step on the road to happiness is to "stop
      thinking about yourself". He says: "Look outwards - not to compare
      yourself unfavourably with others, but to develop your relationships with
      them. It's a surer route to happiness than the pursuit of wealth."

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