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16 Ft. Rise In Sea Levels in process! (melbourne.indymedia thread)

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  • Pat Neuman
    Article posted at melbourne.indymedia, plus comments added, follow... http://melbourne.indymedia.org/news/2005/02/87014_comment.php#87164 16 Ft. Rise In Sea
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2005
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      Article posted at melbourne.indymedia, plus comments added,

      16 Ft. Rise In Sea Levels in process!
      by Klak Thursday February 03, 2005 at 07:46 PM

      West Antarctic Ice Sheet is rapidly Collapsing


      British scientists have discovered a new threat to the world which may
      be a result of global warming. Researchers from the Cambridge-based
      British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have discovered that a massive
      Antarctic ice sheet previously assumed to be stable is starting to
      disintegrate rapidly, a conference on climate change heard yesterday.
      Its collapse is raising sea levels around the earth by more than 16
      feet. by the end of the week!

      BAS staff are carrying out urgent measurements of the remote points in
      the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) where they have found ice to be
      flowing into the sea at the enormous rate

      Professor Chris Rapley, the BAS director, told the conference at the
      UK Meteorological Office in Exeter, which was attended by scientists
      from all over the world, that their discovery had set off alam bells
      about the ice sheet's collapse.

      Only four years ago, in the last report of the UN's Intergovernmental
      Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), worries that the ice sheet was
      disintegrating were firmly dismissed.

      Professor Rapley said: "The last IPCC report characterised Antarctica
      as a slumbering giant in terms of climate change. I would say it is
      now an awakened giant. There is a real threat."

      He added: "The previous view was that WAIS would not collapse before
      the year 2100. We now have to revise that judgement. We cannot be so
      sanguine." Collapse of the WAIS will be a disaster, putting enormous
      chunks of low-lying, desperately poor countries such as Bangladesh
      under water - not to mention much of southern England by the end of
      the week.

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      This is not TV
      by Simon Saturday February 05, 2005 at 05:45 PM

      You have to read every word, there are no pictures, that's why its
      best to hold back before you comment.

      Scientists economists and geo annalists have evaded the issue before
      by using the same evasion techniques, shifting concerns, ; GW was
      denied until it became so obviously undeniable, and as we've got a
      history as a species of doing nothing, ignoring dangers, pretending
      everything is under control while confusing the issue, none of this
      should be a surprise.

      This confusion is purposely created so that populations accept their
      ignorance, tire of argument, delegating their absolute trust to the
      professionals and politicians charged with responsibility and power,
      inevitable giving the architects of Global Warming the responsibility
      to manage fossil fuel economies, secure economic growth and dealing
      with GW issues all at the same time

      Can you see the dilemma? They cannot be trusted with the task, besides
      the conflict of interest, what the hell can we do once it's too late?,
      what can we do now even now as concern grows?

      All said and done we are the threat, individuals in populations; we
      cannot hope to resolve the threat of Global Warming unless we own
      responsibility for it. Remaining Dictated to by consumerism, by
      capitalist constraints and representatives of corporations. Ice will
      melt in the artic as global warming accelerates and seas expand
      through heat absorption, it's all inevitable beyond question all
      unavoidable on the road we take.

      And it will not take 700 years or neither 7000 nor 7 days, there is no
      knowing when but the question is not if.


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      Professional climatologists
      by Pat N Sunday February 06, 2005 at 01:33 AM
      npat1@... U.S.

      As I view this (self-only:)

      Government meteorologists charged with responsibility to educate and
      alert the public to potential/eminent weather/climate catastrophes are
      not acknowledging or acting on their responsibilities.

      The failure is being caused by arrogance ... by those who took a
      denial position right from the start. They did not take time to learn
      that climate change involves more than the study of meteorology.
      Oceans and earth sciences, paleontology and biology, and many other
      disciplines are required in developing a good understanding climate

      The meteorologists that are in positions of authority in NOAA and the
      National Weather Service (NWS) have not studied climate change
      disciplines other than bare bones meteorological science. National and
      local private sector meteorologists come to NOAA's NWS for training
      coordination, boondoggle conferences, and for job opportunities.
      They're told by manager and senior government meteorologists that
      global warming either does not exist at all or it will not be a
      problem for decades. Headquarters administrators in NOAA are ordering
      their subordinates to take the Bush Administration position that
      climate variability should be studied for 10 more years before coming
      to conclusions. In using their positions of authority to dictate their
      self-driven positions to do nothing to slow greenhouse gas emissions,
      the heads of many of the government in the U.S. are supporting a
      position that will make life on this planet unbearable for billions of
      people, well before the end of this century... perhaps only years or a
      decade away.


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      Agree, Pat
      by liamj Sunday February 06, 2005 at 09:52 AM

      Many who do know the reality of climate chng & the scale of the risks
      we take in fouling our nest are remaining effectively silent, but
      remember too that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IS
      scientists (1500+ men & women from dozens of countries, most chosen by
      their peers), a body which basically formed itself in 1992 (or 94?),
      tho with UN & national govt recognition across the globe.

      But govt engagement doesn't necesarily mean change, or progress, as
      Pats info on the US NOAA shows. Ultimately to blame science is a
      copout, it has provided enough evidence for 2 decades to trigger any
      precautionary principle. But just as science abdicated its
      responsibility to infotainment media and corrupt politics, too many of
      us have long since surrendered the will to act except in our own short
      term interest.

      This isn't just venting pessimism, it is pointing out what has &
      continues to happen. Humans are not showing much sign of
      transformation, so it seems inevitable we will continue to accelerate.
      The only thing that might save us from runaway climate change (which
      would very likely means extinction for homo sapiens) is oil depletion
      & powerdown. I just hope we get to hang todays apologists.

      add your comments

      Threads end
      by David H Sunday February 06, 2005 at 09:08 PM

      I hate it when everyone agrees, it's like Pat, Liamj and Simon make up
      popular opinion, while all I read is scientists disagreeing and
      politicians talking about pumping CO2 underground.

      What has happened to our society? Positivism is printed and broadcast
      but few believe it and we cannot change the direction our politicians
      chose anyway.

      No political preferred party has an alternative or will work toward
      ending fossil fuel dependency

      Liamj is right nothing will change and only through exhaustion of
      fossil fuels will humans stop burning.

      But does that mean no burning?, still there is deforestation while
      volcanoes shed their load into the atmosphere as bio diesel and
      alcohol fills the need for motoring, while we look to producing
      Hydrocarbon through coal or gas burning power stations.

      Did you know there is less vegetation on the planet and 70% less tree
      cover worldwide since the 1500's

      Thank you all for agreeing; perhaps the silent majority was listening,
      perhaps this means there is no sensible arguement against cutting co2.

      ---- End of Thread at melbourne.indymedia -----
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