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mass awareness campaigns [Chairman APM Pakistan]

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      From: Raza Khan
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      Subject: mass awareness campaigns

      OUrs is a volunteer forrum of teachers and students striving hard
      for the mass awareness to save nature and natural resources since 1990.
      The name of this forrum is APM ( Anti Pollution Movement Pakistan). We
      successfully launched several campaigns to resolve many environmental
      problems of the country. Our campaigns comprising as follows:
      Mass Awareness
      Municipal solid wastes treatment
      campaign against deforestation in Northern Mountains
      Glacier receding and global warming and freshwater scarcity
      campaign against wester toxic wastes dumping in third world including
      We use several campaign tools including door to door campaigns,
      institution to institution lectures, documentory shows, rallies,
      publications, pressure groups, establishment of environmental clubs in
      all the schools and colleges of the Province etc.
      For instance we hold Pakistan ever biggest environmental rally on Nov 25
      1992 at Gujranwala in which about 35000 people participated. Again 70000
      students were included in our oath taking campaign on Jan 29 1996 just
      within Gujranwala. An exhibition was arranged at Fraer Garden Karachi on
      the world Environmental day June 5 1999 in which 10000 students
      participated. 28 CBO's joined APM against deforestation in Swat District
      in the same year.
      During this modern era such campaigns need several audio visual aids.
      Therefore, we have an intention to present all these efforts on media to
      sustain our volunteer struggle and include more people in this humane
      cause. We have started to make a documentory on it entirely on self help
      basis. For this movie we need some shorts of nature and its beauty.
      As we are volunteers and cannot afford a global tour to capture the
      scenic beauty of Nature on our limited resources so we request to get
      courtesy from National Geographic channel cam capturing and also guidance
      to how to get such shorts on volunteer basis.
      We dont know to whom we request in this regard so far. Would you please
      help us and forward this letter to get permission and shorts to concern
      Thanking You in Anticipation!
      Raza Khan
      Chairman APM Pakistan
      Mamoon Cottage
      Street 12, Popular Nursary
      Gujranwala 52250
      Ph# Res. 92 431 734639 off. 92 431 732390-1
      mob# 92 300 9644966
      Fax#92 431 251515
      Fax Off. 92 431 734429

      251515 > Fax Off. 92 431 734429 > www.razapm.netfirms.com

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