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Re: Climate Experts Urge Immediate Action to Offset Impact of Global Warming

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  • P. Neuman self only
    ... That may be true. However, if we can delay the doom for awhile, many people will have happier lives. Our sons and daughters and their children will have
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 2, 2004
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      > Crop yields have been affected for some time now,
      > only the process began slowly and has been speeding
      > up. Not all of it is due to the immediate impact of global
      > warming but rather the altering quality of UV light that
      > feeds food plants, in addition to the steady erosion
      > of topsoil in such explosive places like China.. the
      > ingrediants to the downfall of civilization have been
      > in the works for a long time now..
      > so scientists may warn all they wish--the likely truth,
      > however, is that it's too late to do anything about coming
      > affects.. I would not hold out for an ice cover in New York..
      > the real impact will be much more complex and tragic
      > for all the micro-effects that are the end accumulation
      > of environmental entropy.. to quote threepio:
      > "We're dooomed!"

      That may be true. However, if we can delay the doom for awhile, many
      people will have happier lives. Our sons and daughters and their children
      will have better lives if we act responsibly now.

      Another ingredient that is being depleted and severely polluted is fresh
      water, needed for growing things and mammal's survival. Global warming
      is accelerating the loss of freshwater, most evidently in the
      disappearance of glaciers, and seasonal snowmelt for water supplies in
      the western U.S. The rate of buildup of CO2 in the atmosphere is likely
      unprecedented. The rate of increases in temperature and humidity may be
      unprecedented. The increase in sea level as the world's ice melts and
      oceans warm at unprecedented rates, may be unprecedented.

      Global warming is likely have unprecedented severe consequences to the
      atmosphere, water, ice, biota and sea level during this century.

      So why isn't global warming addressed in the public document by NOAA that

      "NOAA in the 21st Century:
      Natural and Technological Hazards Meeting the Challenges"

      [NOAA, the largest agency in the U.S. Department of Commerce, carries out
      a daily mission of monitoring weather, oceans, coasts, and fisheries, as
      well as developing forecasts, and distributing information for economic
      and public benefit. We operate a complex network of observing systems
      that enable us to meet our mission. Having these technical capabilities,
      as well as first class Earth scientists of all disciplines, offers
      enormous possibilities for understanding and mitigating natural hazards.
      NOAA will focus expertise on the areas outlined in this document -
      monitor & assess, forecast & warn, respond & recover, prepare & mitigate,
      and secure & protect.
      You may download the complete PDF version of this publication (32 pages,
      ~1.28 Mb), or request a printed copy from NESDIS (address at left).
      NESDIS Headquarters
      1335 East West Highway
      Silver Spring, MD 20910
      Phone: 301.713.9220
      questions: ngdc.info@...]

      Message above is a reply to a post by Rick at globalwarming.

      npat1, self only

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