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4800An interview to avoid

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  • pat neuman
    Aug 19, 2008
      Email by NWS Central Region NCRFC HIC to NWS NCRFC staff.

      Subject: An interview to avoid
      Date: Tues, 03 Feb 2004 16:22:44 +0000
      From: "Daniel Luna" <Daniel.Luna@...>

      Folks, From Section 2.4.5 of our SDM, "Requests For Information"
      Inquiries concerning global warming, climate change, or other
      politically sensitive items must be directed toward the HIC or DOH.
      NCRFC staff are not in a position of authority to comment. Keep in
      mind the NCRFC Mission.

      Do not respond to an inquiries about climate change or global warming
      without my permission.

      See below if you would like more details.


      Friday January 30, 2004....
      NOAA Public Affairs has asked the regional PA reps to forward the
      following to all our field offices. Just in case there is any
      problem in the attachments transferring, let me give a summary.

      A Canadian production company listing itself as SCETV and Stonehaven
      Production Services, Inc., has contacted the National Hurricane
      Center and the NOAA Partners operation in Norman to do interviews on
      global warming for a planned special on PBS. E-mail contacts havew
      been made by Michael Morein for "The Climate Program."

      The company is actually looking for a NOAA scientist to go on record
      stating that hurricanes, tornadoes and other severe weather are worse
      and more numerous because of global warming. They haven't had any
      luck yet and are expected to keep contacting NWS and NOAA offices.

      Any Central Region personnel contacted by Mr. Morein other
      representatives of Stonehaven Produvctions or The Climate Program or
      irate producers are asked to forward the query to Scott Smullen,
      deputyr director of NOAA Public Affairs 202-482-0609/ Do not grant
      interviews with this company.