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4799Climate Change Equals Stronger Rains

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  • pat neuman
    Aug 8, 2008
      Atmospheric scientists Richard Allan of the University of Reading in
      England and Brian Soden of the University of Miami looked at satellite
      records of daily rainfall stretching back to 1987 to see how warmer
      temperatures had affected precipitation. That's one of the key climate
      changes expected from rising greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere.
      The researchers specifically focused on El NiƱo, the warming of the
      waters of the tropical Pacific that raises air pressure, changes
      winds, and recurs every few years.

      "It is very likely that heavy rainfall will become more common and
      more intense in a warming world," Allan says. "It is too early to say
      by how much real world changes in rainfall will surpass projections
      from the climate models."


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