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1870s news Clapp's Factory (aka Columbus Factory, Columbus Manufacturing Co.)

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    Henry NEWSOME in the first item is my gg-grandfather. John ASBELL in the third piece is uncle to Julius Franklin Frank CAIN and brother to Miss Kate CAIN,
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      Henry NEWSOME in the first item is my gg-grandfather. John ASBELL in
      the third piece is uncle to Julius Franklin "Frank" CAIN and brother
      to Miss Kate CAIN, both buried at CF. - jml


      "During the storm of Wednesday afternoon, which raged with unusual
      violence for a time, the Columbus Factory, three miles above
      Columbus, was struck by lightning, which passed to the lint room of
      the picker house, where some twenty bales of cotton had just been
      opened for mixing, and set it on fire. Mr. Henry NEWSOME discovering
      the fire, let on the water of the reservoir, and gave the necessary
      alarm to bring force-pumps into action. His coolness and promptitude
      was mainly instrumental in checking the fire, which was speedily
      extinguished, with trifling damage and little interferences with
      work. The hearty good will and judgment with which all worked, from
      the man to the boy of 12 years old, was most gratifying and worthy of
      the Company's thanks, as the storm was appalling, and the fire a
      matter ordinarily of terror. The escape of the hands in the passage
      of lightning through the building was truly providential, and cause
      for much thankfulness. All losses, which were trifling, were covered
      by insurance."

      [The (Columbus, GA) Daily Sun newspaper, Friday, 15 JUL 1870, p. 3.]

      "METHODIST CHURCH APPOINTEMENTS.—Our special dispatch from
      Thomasville, states that Revs. T. T. CHRISTIAN, A. WRIGHT [Buster
      WRIGHT's forebear] and J. S. KEY, have been returned to the same
      positions as during last Conference year...Rev. J. W. SIMMONS, who
      has been assigned to Girard and Columbus Factory, was, last
      Conference year, Presiding Elder of the Hinesville District..."

      [The (Columbus, GA) Daily Sun newspaper, 18 DEC 1872, p. 3. I have
      the full piece, if anyone wants it.]

      "COLUMBUS FACTORY: Token of Regard.

      "On last Saturday evening, July 27th, Mr. Wm. E. CARD, late overseer
      in the weaving department of the Columbus Manufacturing Company, was
      agreeably surprised by the entrance in his dwelling of his former
      weavers. After a few moments Mr. CARD was presented with a pair of
      large, china flower vases by Mr. Jno. ASBELL, in a neat speech in
      behalf of the weavers. Mr. CARD responded that he was no speaker,
      and had made but one speech in his life, and that was on the
      occasion, when he stood by his bride, and the Reverend gentleman
      asked if he would take the lady for his wedded wife, to which he made
      a speech by answering, "yes." He said he was very much pleased to
      see his friends, and through the future roads of life he would take
      pleasure in looking at the memento as a token of their respect and
      esteem, and that it would remind him of his friends at that place,
      and if any of them should ever come where he was he would heartily
      welcome them. Hoping they would always prosper was his sincere
      wish. Mr. Nathan BURKE was introduced to the company as master of
      refreshments, and attended to his duties with a good will. All
      attending had a very enjoyable time, and the clock hands were nearing
      the wee sma' hours, ere the fair donors departed. Mr. CARD leaves
      the employment of the Columbus Manufacturing company for a larger
      field for business, and carries with him the hearty God speed of his
      former associates, employees and employers of the Columbus
      Manufacturing Company."

      [The Columbus Enquirer-Sun newspaper, Tuesday, 30 JUL 1878, p. 4.]
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