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Meeting report and project update

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    Hello, Everyone! I am grandually recovering from my research trip to Columbus...It was a busy time, and I managed to pack a great deal into the week. I made
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2008
      Hello, Everyone!

      I am grandually recovering from my research trip to Columbus...It was a
      busy time, and I managed to pack a great deal into the week. I made so
      many photocopies that, when I handed over my suitcase at the check-in
      counter for my return flight, it was 13 pounds over the weight limit
      (that is, 63 pounds)! The clerk finally took pity on me and gave me a
      waiver - hooray for Southwest Airlines!

      We held an executive meeting for the CFCPL while I was in town, and we
      are focused on the following:

      >>>Our top priority is to get our application completed and turned in
      to secure official tax-exemption status from the IRS. I met with Kemis
      and reviewed the application form - we will be coordinating our efforts
      to get this submitted within in the next two weeks.

      >>>Cynthia, Kemis, and I will be conferring on putting together a mail-
      out packet and a presentation for soliciting donations. Once our tax-
      exemption is official (this can be made retroactive, by the way), we
      will be setting up some meetings to beg for contributions in Columbus.
      I am in the process of drafting a "beggin' letter" to send out to
      potential donors, such as descendants of persons buried at the
      cemetery. We will be developing a logo and designing stationery to use
      for this.

      We are determined to have a formal archaological survey condcuted at
      the Clapp's Factory cemetery site this coming winter (2008-09), so we
      have to come up with effective strategies to raise the funds right away.
      The bid we had for this past winter was about $17,000 - that figure
      will probably go up some. Everyone please put on your thinking caps
      and help us come up with sources of funds. Setting up a more formal
      website would probably also facilitate this process.

      >>>We are continuing research for our upcoming publication projects. I
      will keep the group updated as we progress. When I've finished the Mt.
      Paran Church & Cemeteries booklet, I anticipate the next book to be the
      Ft. Benning Cemeteries book. Also, I met with my cousin who is
      transcribing the Britton & Dobbs funeral home records for us - she will
      be keeping me abreast of her progress.

      >>>We have decided to place markers for the Confederate soldiers and
      veterans who we know are buried in the cemetery. I will post a
      separate message about this project.

      >>>It has been suggested that we assess our progress on the Master Plan
      and revise it. We will take this up when we meet in April.

      >>>Our next meeting will be the first weekend in April. This is to
      coordinate with the Annual Meeting and Ramble being held by the Georgia
      Trust for Historic Preservation, which will take place in Columbus this
      year. For more information on that, go to this webpage:


      We hope to set up a table with a display at some of the events and hand
      out brochures about the Clapp's Factory project.

      We will also be having a Clean-Up Day event at the cemetery that
      weekend. The focus will be on removing as many of the roofing shingles
      as we can without disturbing the ground underneath. (I spent several
      mornings at the cemetery this past week removing bags of shingles Laura
      Osburn and I had bagged previously, and I removed most of another small
      pile of shingles - but there are still a number of large piles left.)

      We hope as many of you as possible will plan to join us in April.
      Anyone who thinks they will be able to attend, please let me know.

      If anyone is available to volunteer for projects, please contact me -

      John in TX
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