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Update on CF project & 1890 Muscogee census project

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    Everyone, Cynthia Nason has been traveling a lot since she retired, and has also dealt with some illness in the family, so when she was in the Columbus area
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2008
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      Cynthia Nason has been traveling a lot since she retired, and has
      also dealt with some illness in the family, so when she was in the
      Columbus area this past weekend, she and Kemis and I took advantage
      of the opportunity to meet via teleconference and discuss progress
      with the cemetery project. I will be posting a summary of our
      discussion to this list in the next couple of days. Also, I am
      planning to be in Columbus in February and possibly again in April,
      so we will be setting meeting dates and times soon so that those who
      are interested may plan to come.

      In addition, I know most of you are probably subscribed to the
      Muscogee Co. mailing list on Rootsweb, but for those of you who are
      not, I have just posted the following announcement about the 1890
      Muscogee census project:

      >>A project is being undertaken to compile and publish a substitute
      1890 census of Muscogee County, Georgia.

      A census of Muscogee County was originally conducted as part of the
      Eleventh Decennial U. S. Census in June 1890. Subsequently, a
      recount of the entire city of Columbus was carried out. Final
      figures show that Muscogee County had 27,761 residents in 1890--
      17,303 of these being inhabitants of the City of Columbus. The
      original – and only – copy of the 1890 U. S. Census was damaged in a
      fire at a Commerce Department building in Washington, D.C., in 1921.
      The surviving remnants were ordered destroyed by Congress in 1934,
      although some fragments from around the country survive. These
      fragments include several pages from Ward Six in Columbus.

      Using county and city records, local newspapers, cemetery surveys,
      and so forth, we hope to put together as accurate a list of residents
      in the county as possible. This substitute census aims to include
      additional data on each individual, beyond what the original census
      detailed, to whatever extent it can be learned, including dates and
      places of birth, marriage, death and burial for each person. It is
      our hope to create a valuable tool for genealogists and historical
      researchers interested in this locality during this time period.
      Research has already begun, and our target publication date is June

      In addition to the substitute census, the work will include
      transcriptions and abstractions of local records from the period,
      including marriages, births, deed transactions, tax digests, a city
      directory, and so forth. Once research, printing and binding costs
      have been covered, any proceeds from the project will benefit the
      fund to rescue the historic Clapp's Factory Cemetery in Muscogee
      County. This will be administered through the Clapp's Factory
      Cemetery Preservation League, which is incorporated as a not-for-
      profit entity with the State of Georgia.

      Anyone wishing to participate in this non-profit, volunteer project
      in some capacity may join the project Yahoo! group at:
      or contact me directly at retrofit@...

      Also, we will be setting up a webpage through which descendants or
      other researchers who have knowledge of individuals residing in
      Muscogee County in 1890 may submit data to be included in the
      substitute census. There may be persons or entire families who
      didn't appear in any record or source in 1890, aside from the lost
      census rolls. We are interested, as well, in learning of individuals
      or families who were residing in Muscogee Co. in 1880, but had moved
      away from the county before 1890. A separate announcement will be
      made when that webpage has been launched.

      Updates will be posted to this message board and list periodically.
      We will not be taking pre-orders until a manuscript draft has been
      completed so that we are able to calculate the cost of printing and
      binding. Thanks to all of you who have expressed interest and
      support for the project so far.

      John Mallory Land
      1890 Muscogee Project Coordinator<<
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