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  • Kemis Massey
    Smaller message # 2 As a list admin and a county coordinator, I receive a monthly newsletter.  I snipped the business and a few other things out.  What’s
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2007
      Smaller message # 2

      As a list admin and a county coordinator, I receive a monthly newsletter.  I snipped the business and a few other things out.  What’s left are a couple of articles packed with info and links.  There are quite a few links.  Hope you find a clue.  Let us know if you did and where.


      The USGenWeb Project
      N E W S
      Volume 4, Number 5
      June 2007


      Public Records and Information Web Sites for Genealogy
      by Anne J Lex - Records Editor

      Public records and Information Websites available on the Internet provide genealogy researchers with several databases to search for information on the World Wide Web. Most databases are free. However, some databases require a fee. Fee based databases typically have a dollar sign next to the database.

      One of my favorite websites to search for public records and information website links is Onsight Resources Worldwide Public Records http://www.onsightresources.com/. <http://www.onsightresources.com/> Onsight Resources provides access to "search thousands of free online sources of public records and information sites from each of the 50 states, US territories, the Federal government, Canada, Europe, Asia, North and South America and Africa."

      Onsight Resources and similar public records websites can be used to find a variety of records that are useful for genealogy. These records include: birth, death, marriage, divorce, property, wills, and court records to name a few. Public records can also be found on government websites and official state, county and municipal websites. "According to BRB Publications' Public Records Online, 5th edition, only 35 percent of public records are available online." http://www.brbpub.com/pubrecsitesStates.asp

      Public records become available not only from official resources. Information becomes public when personal information is disclosed online by posting and uploading information on the Internet. Public records and information websites are a good place to find genealogical information on the Internet. Information found on these types of databases should be verified because the information could be scaled down or contain errors. Finally, always remember to cite your sources.

      For further research and reading:

      Social Security Death Index

      National Gravesite Locator ~ Bureau of Veterans Affairs

      Killed In Action ~ United States Marine Corps.

      Vietnam MIA/POW

      Birth/Death/Marriage ~ Onsight Resources

      Access to Archival Databases ~ National Archives and Records Administration

      Unclaimed Persons

      Find A Grave

      Genealogy Cemeteries and Obituaries ~ Public Records Finder

      Introduction to Public Records Research

      Public Records Directory ~ Search Systems

      Public Information Search Engine ~ Zabasearch

      The views expressed in this newsletter are those of the contributors and newsletter staff, and are not necessarily those of the USGenWeb Project.
      Managing Editor: Denise Wells
      Records Editor: Anne J Lex
      Project Spotlights Editor: Darlene Anderson
      Contributing Editor: Christine Sweet-Hart, CG
      Graveside Chronicles Editor: Linda K Lewis
      (c) 2007.  Permission to reprint articles from the USGenWeb Newsletter is granted unless specifically stated otherwise and provided that a copy of the citing newsletter or publication is forwarded to the Managing Editor at EditorUSGenWebNL@..., the name of the author of such article is stated, followed by the statement:  Previously published in the USGenWeb Newsletter, June 2007, Volume 4, Number 5.

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