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Fw: Re: [CAMP-L] gravesite of Seaborn Camp

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  • Kemis Massey
    Hi again, A reply to the email from Jonesboro. kemis From: kelly.pritchard@verizon.net To: CAMP-L@rootsweb.com Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 12:49 AM
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 26, 2002
      Hi again,

      A reply to the email from Jonesboro.


      From: kelly.pritchard@...
      To: CAMP-L@...
      Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 12:49 AM
      Subject: Re: Re: [CAMP-L] gravesite of Seaborn Camp

      Hi Lora,
      Have you called a archelogist? < sp> around here in California nothing can be built on anchient sites or graveyards.> Call the indigious natitive american tribe nearest you and see if they can help you on this. As far as television goes also check to see which local TV station you have which is local access, meaning not a major station ( example here is www.comtv.com ) in Santa barbara and see if some local will come out and do a story and do not forget the University or college near by and see if a jourlalism student is interested with this. Good luck.
      Kelly Pritchard.
      From: Lorabusha@...
      > Date: 2002/09/25 Wed PM 10:55:14 CDT
      > To: CAMP-L@...
      > Subject: Re: [CAMP-L] gravesite of Seaborn Camp
      > Carole, AL and List,
      > I have sent a letter along with copies of all my paperwork for the last year,
      > (next month will be one year) to Governor Barnes, what if any response I will
      > get I do not know, but I will let you know if I get any reply.
      > Second, I hand delivered to the Southside Neighbor Newspaper's office on
      > Frontage Rd., in Forest Park copies of all my paperwork over a month ago. I
      > made three phones calls to a Roger Daniels, who I was told would be the
      > reporter to cover a story like this one. On Monday of this week I again
      > called Mr. Daniels and he told me he had gone over my paperwork and this was
      > not a story they would cover as it was an investigative story, and his
      > newspaper did not do stories like this. I don't understand this but I can't
      > make him write a story, wish I could.
      > Three, I have called one of our local TV stations, and E-mailed them. I
      > received a reply on Tuesday of this week, and I am waiting on a call from a
      > reporter, if they do not get back with me I will go to the next station,
      > etc., until I call them all.
      > The more publicly I can get the better, I have also called a professor at
      > Ga. State Univ. and I hope he will call me. I am also trying to get in touch
      > with the National Tombstone Society, a friend of mine who sends me copies of
      > anything she thinks can help me with the cemetery, sent me a copy of a story
      > about this group that appeared in the Marietta Daily Journal, this group met
      > in Savannah Ga. this year. If anyone has any info on how I could get in touch
      > with them, please let me know.
      > As I explained in my e-mail to the TV station, why does this builder not have
      > to comply with Ga. Law??
      > I have talked with someone from the SCV in Jonesboro, and I hope this man
      > will call me back, I am it appears waiting on a lot of phone calls.....
      > As a member of the DAR I think I may call a chapter of the SAR in Jonesboro.
      > I knew you would be shocked at the site of the cemetery Carole, it is in such
      > bad shape.
      > Well, for now this is all I can report, I will let you know what happens, and
      > yes I have talked with and E-mailed a reporter with the AJC.
      > Thanks,
      > Lora Busha
      > Kennesaw, GA.

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