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  • marriedfairy2005
    We think that would be a great idea! M&L ... cemetery ... year), the ... gate ... a post ... that ... from ... Power ... to ... officers ... Parks ... into ...
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 8, 2006
      We think that would be a great idea!


      --- In ClappCemetery@yahoogroups.com, John Mallory Land
      <retrofit@...> wrote:
      > Everyone,
      > Because we discovered a washing-machine-and-dryer set in the
      > over the weekend (evidently placed there since March of this
      year), the
      > Board feels it would probably be a good idea to place a lockable
      > across the dirt road leading into the cemetery, and perhaps place
      a post
      > in the middle of the entrance to the pathway on the north side, so
      > nothing bigger than a bicycle can enter there. The gate would just
      > basically be a bar across the road to prevent vehicular traffic
      > entering the cemetery and would not inhibit foot traffic. Georgia
      > would have to have a key to the gate because they must have access
      > the siting monument on the bluff, and of course some of our
      > would have keys, and perhaps someone at the Columbus Department of
      > & Recreation - but there's no reason for anyone else to be driving
      > the cemetery, except when we are conducting a Clean-Up Day or
      > preservation event at the site - and I think if folks could not
      > drive up into the cemetery, they would be a lot less likely to
      > materials there. If we do place a gate, we will have to consult
      > the archaologists to make sure we don't disturb any remains in the
      > process.
      > We are interested in knowing what folks think about this. Thanks,
      > John Mallory Land
      > Preseident, CFCPL
      > Frisco, TX
      > retrofit@...
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