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Re: Funeral records and obituaries

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  • marriedfairy2005
    Ok more questions.... Could you set it up with Leslie so that I could get the records and copy them for you? Would you like for me to start going threw the
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      Ok more questions....

      Could you set it up with Leslie so that I could get the records and
      copy them for you?

      Would you like for me to start going threw the mircofilm?

      Do you happen to know the names of the newspapers that were running
      during the time from the mill opening to around 1904 or so?

      How are you trying to find Buster WRIGHT'S papers?


      --- In ClappCemetery@yahoogroups.com, John Mallory Land
      <retrofit@...> wrote:
      > Michael and Laura,
      > I am familiar with the work that WILSON did in abstracting funeral
      > records. However, if you go through his material and find
      something we
      > missed, I would appreciate knowing about it.
      > The Torbert Funeral Home was bought out by Britton & Dobbs, which
      > held all the Torbert records. These are now in the possession of
      > SMITH of Lanett, AL, who is a direct descendant of both BRITTON
      > DOBBS. Mrs. SMITH was very gracious to let me look at the records
      > has and is willing to let someone photocopy them all for
      > This desperately needs to be done - one of the original Tobert
      > from 1904, that WILSON abstracted is now missing. That volume
      > the funeral order for one of our Clapp's Factory burials, a NIX.
      > only know of it because of WILSON's abstracts. However, there is
      > a bit more information in the book entries than in WILSON's
      > As far as I know, no one has gone completely through the local
      > newspapers on microfilm and systematically looked for death
      notices and
      > other mentions of Clapp's Factory. At some point, this should be
      > It's difficult, though, because the newspaper record is far from
      > complete, there were a variety of newspapers over the years, some
      > which merged, and the issues on microfilm often skip dates,
      > with an issue out of seqeunce inserted - and you can't tell any of
      > from the dates on the microfilm box label.
      > Buster WRIGHT passed away a couple of years ago, and the records
      > wife (who predeceased him) had compiled on the James NEWSOME
      family that
      > were at CF have disappeared. I am still trying to track them
      > No one I have spoken to lately knows where Dan OLDS stands on his
      > project to abstract the newspaper death notices. I will email him
      and ask.
      > On the list of burials we have complied, I have cited the source
      > each entry. I will email it to you (and to anyone who wants it -
      let me
      > know) as an attachment.
      > Thanks - John in TX
      > marriedfairy2005 wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Have all of the funeral records by Wilson been listed and looked
      > >
      > > Has all of the Ledger-Enquirer newspapers been looked threw
      since the
      > > first date?
      > >
      > > Where has the entire list of names that you have so far come
      > >
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