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Re: "Grist mill" ruins

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  • marriedfairy2005
    Ok thanks for this info...I can t wait to see the photos. Also we have not been off the track other then down the hill a little bit, could you tell us a good
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 8, 2006
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      Ok thanks for this info...I can't wait to see the photos. Also we
      have not been off the track other then down the hill a little bit,
      could you tell us a good way to go to get to where the mill and all
      was, or is there someone here that could walk us to it? And do you
      know a trained historian or do you know where we can find one?

      Michael and Laura

      --- In ClappCemetery@yahoogroups.com, John Mallory Land
      <retrofit@...> wrote:
      > Michael and Laura,
      > I will address your various questions in separate postings - that
      > if anyone wants to address a particular issue, they can do so in
      > to that given message.
      > I believe the "grist mill ruins" referred to by pgreatho01@... -
      > this is Patricia Dodd GREATHOUSE, who died 07 FEB 2003, by the
      way -
      > were actually the ruins of a pumphouse that are south of where the
      > Clapp's Factory complex was. Directly west of this structure are
      > series of pilings that lead into or across the river. These may
      > supported a bridge or a water intake, or both (or something
      else!). I
      > have photographed these ruins in the past, and I went there again
      > Sunday with Michael Harris. We need to have a trained historian
      look at
      > this structure and others in the area to try to nail down their
      > and the approximate dates when they would have been built and in
      > It is entirely possible that Patricia was referring to something
      > but I have not come across anything that appears to be the remains
      of a
      > grist mill. The old Clapp's Factory grist mill was a one-story,
      > wooden-framed structure just south of the main mill buidling and
      > evidently had collapsed before the mill building burned down in
      1910. A
      > flume had diverted water from the river to the CF grist mill, per
      > Sanborn Fire Insurance maps (1885, 1889).
      > This week, I will scan the photos I have of the pumphouse (?)
      ruins and
      > post them in the photo album on the Yahoo group site.
      > John in TX
      > marriedfairy2005 wrote:
      > >
      > > I was reading a copy of an email from a "pgreatho01@...
      > > <mailto:pgreatho01%40aol.com>" called Clapp Village.
      > > They were talking about the grist mill ruins being located. Can
      > > anyone tell me about how to get to them, to see if they are still
      > > there?
      > >
      > >
      > >
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