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CFCPL Resuming Activities - Please Join!

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  • leopold.fandango
    Everyone, We on the Board of the Clapp s Factory Cemetery Preservation League (Kemis Massey, Cynthia Nason, and I) are conferring to get the organization back
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2006

      We on the Board of the Clapp's Factory Cemetery Preservation League
      (Kemis Massey, Cynthia Nason, and I) are conferring to get the
      organization back on track with our Master Plan. We will be meeting
      in Columbus the weekend of Saturday, August 5, to discuss changes to
      the group and consider how best to pursue the group's goals. All are
      welcome to attend this Board meeting – I will post the time and place
      as soon as we have decided on it. I also anticipate meeting at the
      cemetery for a walking tour, some time during Saturday, August 5, in
      case anyone wants to meet us. We will be deciding on a date for the
      general membership meeting in Columbus this fall – probably in
      September or October – and hope to begin having regular meetings of
      the general membership then (probably either once a quarter or once
      every four months).

      Activities with CFCPL Are Resuming – Please Join!

      The new year for CFCPL begins on September 1, and we are honoring all
      past memberships in the group for the coming year. Publication of our
      newsletter, The Clapp's Factory Chronicle, will resume with Volume II,
      Number 1 for Fall 2006. Copies of Vol. I (four issues) are available
      for anyone who wants them – please send me your snailmail address if
      you would like to receive them. Those of you who are already
      subscribed will be receiving these within the next couple of weeks.

      Subscription to the new issues (Vol. II forward) will be a benefit of
      membership in CFCPL. I encourage everyone who supports our mission to
      rescue the Clapp's Factory Cemetery to join the group. Your dues and
      donations will help us publicize the project and implement our Master
      Plan. Membership dues are $15.00 for an individual and $25.00 for a
      household annually. The year starts September 1, but if you join now,
      your membership will be effective immediately and run through August
      of 2007. Checks should be made payable to CFCPL and directed to:

      c/o John Mallory Land
      8182 Whitewing Dr.
      Frisco, TX 75034-4522

      We will be issuing receipts for past donations and current memberships
      within the next few weeks. All new donations and membership dues will
      receive a prompt receipt.

      There are many opportunities for volunteer service with the group. We
      anticipate expanding the number of seats on the Board of Directors and
      will be forming committees to manage such areas as Membership,
      Publicity, Fund Raising, and Research. We also hope to assemble a
      team in the local area to monitor the state of the cemetery site and
      help police it for litter and dumping. If anyone in the Yahoo! group
      is available and interested in serving in some capacity, however great
      or small, please contact one of us on the Board (our email addresses
      are at the tail of this message).

      Improvements Are in the Works for the Group and the Cemetery!

      This year, my primary objective as President will be to make changes
      to improve the structure of the organization so that it will become
      self-sustaining and self-perpetuating.

      Our short-term goals include more actively publicizing our project,
      increasing membership involvement, and building up our general
      operating fund.

      Our medium-term goal is to raise funds to pay for a formal
      archaeological survey during the winter of 2007-08. This survey
      should make it possible to have a property survey conducted to
      determine the legal boundaries of the cemetery, which needs to be
      carried out before we can erect a fence or take other measures to
      protect the site. We will need a fence before we can move on to other
      improvements, such as any monuments, historical markers, benches,
      lighting, etc., so that they will be less vulnerable to vandalism.

      Our long-term goals include establishing an endowment fund to provide
      for the perpetual maintenance and protection of the cemetery.

      Historical research into the Clapp's Factory mill operations,
      community, and cemetery is ongoing. I have currently engaged a
      volunteer researcher to look up the service and pension files of
      Georgia Confederate soldiers connected with Clapp's Factory. She has
      recently researched some CSA men on another side of my family for me
      and is only charging us for copies, postage, parking and other
      incidental expenses. She is starting with some of my kin who were at
      Clapp's Factory (including NEWSOMES), and I am paying the expenses out
      of my pocket at present. She will be moving on to other men who
      served in the Home Guard unit at Clapp's Factory and other Confederate
      soldiers and veterans buried at the cemetery, and some of her expenses
      will be paid out of the CFCPL general fund. If anyone is interested
      in helping with archival or other research, please let us know!

      We appreciate your continued support for the Clapp's Factory Cemetery
      project. Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns
      you may have. Thanks again!

      John Mallory Land, President

      Cynthia Nason, Vice President

      Kemis Massey, Secretary and Treasurer
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