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  • md9105@rogerscomputers.net
    Hi John, Thanks for the update. Interesting project that you are involved in. I am a professional cemetery restorer. I restore stones of various types and
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 31, 2004
      Hi John,

      Thanks for the update. Interesting project that you are involved in.

      I am a professional cemetery restorer. I restore stones of various types
      and reset pioneer cemeteries as they originally would have be laid out.
      Last year I restored 1,089 stones. This year I am over 1500 stones with
      about 300 more to go. I am already about 70% booked for 2005 and 2006.
      It's a great job, a great thing to do and I love it..it's not easy though.

      Anyway, keep in touch..and glad to hear you are keeping the memory of those
      gone on before us alive.

      Mark Davis
      Stone Saver Cemetery Restoration
      Hartford City, IN.

      Original Message:
      From: John Mallory Land retrofit@...
      Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 01:48:23 -0500
      To: ClappCemetery@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [ClappCemetery] new member


      Thank you for your inquiry - sorry to be so long in responding.  In <BR>
      August, members of our group met in Columbus, GA, and adopted a Master <BR>
      Plan.  The next step is to have a formal archaeological survey conducted
      - estimated to cost about $14,000 - hopefully this winter.  I had <BR>
      planned on meeting early this month with officials from the Georgia <BR>
      Power Company (the property owners) and from the City (the cemetery is <BR>
      now bounded by the River Walk, which is part of the city parks <BR>
      department) to discuss our plans and seek some financial help, but I <BR>
      have not been able to schedule a time to go.  <BR>
      I am interested to know more about the type of work you do. With respect
      to the Clapp's Factory Cemetery, there is not a lot to restore (from the
      looks of things).  There is only one grave that is still marked, out of <BR>
      an estimated 400-500.  We are hoping that the survey will turn up at <BR>
      least a few markers that have sunk down and been covered over.  During a
      clean-up event at the site in the spring of 2003, we did detect in a <BR>
      couple of spots brick rows that probably outlined graves or lots; one <BR>
      account mentions handmade bricks used for this purpose at the cemetery. <BR>
      It has been reported to us by local residents that evidence of the <BR>
      cemetery was purposely destroyed by persons acting on behalf of the <BR>
      property owner - but, of course, we can't prove this.  <BR>
      I will be glad to send further information about the cemetery and our <BR>
      plans, if you would care to see it.  Thanks again for your interest,<BR>
      John Mallory Land<BR>
      President, CFCPL<BR>
      McKinney, TX<BR>
      md9105 wrote:<BR>
      > I am a professional cemetery restorer and was interested in how your<BR>
      > project was progressing.<BR>
      > Best wishes for your continued success,<BR>
      > Mark Davis<BR>
      > Stone Saver Cemetery Restoration<BR>
      > Hartford City,IN<BR>


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