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Clapp's Factory Dam project

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    From the same source about G. Gunby JORDAN s remembrances, Patricia also shares the following:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2004
      From the same source about G. Gunby JORDAN's remembrances, Patricia
      also shares the following:

      <<On pages 48-49, he writes, "In the late 1950's, the Georgia Power
      Company announced they would build a hydro-electric dam on the
      Chattahoochee River near the Columbus Water Works, an area known as
      the Clapp Factory site.">>

      During our August visit to Columbus, Cynthia NASON uncovered quite a
      bit of material on the Oliver Dam project, which was known as the
      Clapp's Factory Dam project during much of its early planning. It was
      originally intended that the dam would be named for the local feature
      Clapp's Factory, as the other dams in the area (City Mills, Goat
      Rock, North Highlands, Bartlett's Ferry) had been. However, during
      the course of the project, the name was changed to honor James McCoy
      OLIVER, a George Power Company executive vice president and general
      manager, who had recently retired after 43 years of service. The
      facility was dedicated as Oliver Dam on Friday, 13 NOV 1959.

      Thanks to Patricia and Cynthia for their contributions.


      P.S. In my previous message, near the end, I wrote: "...the same as
      Ranch in Mr. GUNBY's account." Of course, this should read "Mr.
      JORDAN's account." This family are, however, kin to Robert B. GUNBY
      who was bookkeeper for the Columbus Manufacturing Company from 1866 to
      the early 1880s. - jml
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